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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


So far I’ve done three of the injections and it’s been good. Havent really noticed anything crazy. I just feel good. Strong. You have to give this stuff time though due to the half life. When I inject those 80 mg shots I automatically know I’m not going to “see” the full picture for 5 or 6 weeks. You dont really know jack until you get to that point.


AHHH… so you just started trt a few shots ago.



No no no. I started trt in December of last year. I’ve been doing 160 mg for 1.5 weeks.


Gotta die some day bro.


Tamoxifen but not an AI


“RAW” so Im pretty sure the good doctor is careful of where he is sourcing this.


Does it have to be raw milk? I dont care if it is but I thought you cant legally buy raw milk? Am I mistaken? Can I just drink whole milk?


You can. But Raw milk has not been pasteurized.

Since I have started drinking raw milk, regular milk “smells” dead to me.

If I smell the gallon of raw milk, it smells fresh, good. If I smell the pasteurized milk, it smells slightly like a dead animal.

I cant believe I never smelt/taste that before.

I can still choke it down, but I prefer raw.


I just asked the doc to increase my weekly dosage and she put me at 150 mg a week. I guess I’m kinda legal now.


Wow…you’ve got a good doc there, or at least an understanding one. Did you tell her you felt better on the higher dose?


No. I just pointed our that my levels were mid range and that my hematocrit is just above anemic levels so I could probably benefit by raising the dose. Higher RBC and hematocrit the more oxygen delivery to the muscle fibers. She bought it.


LOL…the games we are forced to play. What was your HCT? 43.3?


I just forwarded that over to my doctor to let him know what my goals were in no uncertain terms.



I wish I could like that comment more than once :slight_smile:


Yes. 43.3 is correct. Not really anemic or anything but hey. She told me she just doesn’t want me to “feel bad”. I told her if I start to “feel bad” I’ll adjust it back down. She said “ok” see you in 6 months for more bloodwork.


That’s an amazing experience. I’m hoping for something similar with my appointment in October.

Did you mention at all that you’ve tried higher doses and feel better at a higher dose or just point out you were mid range and wanted to be higher?

At 120mg per week (34mg EOD) I was at 692 on the day of an injection. I’d like to be a little higher, just wondering if it’s as easy as just asking for it. Guess we’ll find out.


I just asked for it. No. I didnt tell her I’ve been tinkering with the dosages. As far as she knows and as far as the bloodwork says ive always been on 100 mg a week. Her only hesitation was the fact I’m always talking about how good I feel. She said if you already feel good she wouldnt want to mess that up. I insisted that we try it. Damned testosterone makes me to assertive.


You seem to be quite sensitive to T. First you mention the frequent spontaneous wood, and then you mention it makes you too “assertive”. I haven’t experienced either.

@bcostigan41 wants to go higher, hoping it will help. The theory is “more is better” and the “higher you go, the better you feel”.

I hope it works like that for you, because it hasn’t for me.


Most of the guys I know are taking 250 mg per week +. My good friend is running sustanon and masteron right now. He doesn’t care about ai’s or nolva or any of it. He “pops” 12.5 mg of aromasin if he starts getting weepy watching something sad. They all feel great. They make fun of me because of my little 100 mg shots. It’s funny really. Most of them dont even know what arimidex is.


When I went up to 140mg a week, I felt great. Tons of energy, got wood looking at a picture of my wife while sitting at my desk at work, horny a lot, overall great sense of well being…a couple of times, I was a tad bitchy, but all in all, felt great. Just want my doctor to be okay with it too.

Aside from that, thinking of a 300mg a week blast after the first of the year too. Need to find a way to either get tamoxifen from my doctor or secured from another source… I just don’t have a lot of experience knowing what other sources are legit to use.