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Bloodwork: Low Test, Low Estrogen


So I skipped my injection this morning. Pulled bloodwork this afternoon. This is 5 weeks after dropping the DIM that apparently crashed my e2. I dropped EVERYTHING. DIM, ZMA, Vitamin C even my centrum multi vitamin. I dont know if all that was necessary but I dont want to be back in that place. Not sure what I can take anymore. I have been taking the nolva 20 mg eod. I feel great right now. Ridiculous libido. Wife cant keep up. My strength has stalled. Fighting to get 315 up again. I’m up 2 pounds right now (193 and now 195). Im desperately trying to get to 200 lbs. Not sure what I’ve got to do on those fronts but I’m trying to focus on nutrition and training. Went to Barnes and Noble today to buy Bigger, Leaner, Stronger but they dont carry it. I got As a Man Thinketh instead as Tony Robbins highly recommends it lol. I’ll post bloodwork once it gets in. Should be this week. Any advise yall can give would be appreciated. Nutrition. Training. Wife. Whatever. I appreciate yalls help. This is one hell of a journey.
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Well. Concerning the wife and high libido. I have that problem to. I jerk off everyday.
My mind wonders sometimes…so I must drain the snake.


Interesting tactic @charlie12 lol


Hey at least he didn’t mention edging this time.


Man you guys make me jealous. I have no desire to jerk it or sex.


That’s terrible bro. I know how it feels. Been there and done that. Never want to go back.


Roscoe but when you are doing the thing like getting the road head that am jealous about , does it feel good? Do you cum and does that feel good?


Holy crap my thread got X rated like real quick!


Cause we all horny. Lmao


These sound like great things. Certainly nothing to need advice on.

In my opinion, strength gains are not linear and certainly not limitless. SO MUCH affects strength in the gym.

Not sure how old you are but I if could tell my younger self that chasing big numbers only led to injuries, I would have made some changes. I had some pretty decent lifts 10 years ago (43 for me) dead lift being the best at 515 at 180 pounds but nowadays, I’m in it for aesthetics and quality over quantity, and activation and stimulation are critical.

I guess what I’m saying is be happy to horny and healthy and have fun in the gym and get good quality lifts in.


I only “let” her give road head when I know I’ve taken a pde5.

I kinda feels good, but it doesn’t make me wanna have sex. Ya know? LIke it totally should.

Yes, eventually if I focus, I cum, which feels good, but I believe it could be way better.

My body just doesn’t seem to get all hot and bothered. Like aroused.


I hear ya roscoe. I went from constantly thinking about sex and masturbating daily to no desire since beginning trt. Any ideas what’s going on with you/ya?


No clue. I’ve been like this since I was like 25. I’m now 40.

I went on TRT thinking it was low T, but not sure anymore. It’s beyond frustrating to WANT to want to have sex. I’m a good looking guy, with a gorgeous gf. I feel like a fake a lot.

There are honestly some days I feel like I need to just be single forever. It’s a huge stress being this way. I just want to feel desire and be able to get aroused.


Have you tried Masteron? It helped me with libido.


No, but I’ve heard about it.

No clue how to get it. Is it something you need to get underground? Or does a Dr. prescribe it?


My son can’t smell. He has no sense of smell.

If it feels good when you banging and cum dude that’s great!
I mean part of the reason I and probably others want to have sex is because it feels so got tapping that wet mmmmm. Am married almost 20 years - sometimes I think am not aroused either but I want to feel good and have sex.

I may not be in the mood until she starts touching me in the right spots.


@charlie12 you always know how to paint a picture for us lol


Oh ok. For me I’ve always had very high sex drive but have lost it since starting trt. Probably going to quit over it


What is your protocol and how long have you been on? Do you have a log here that I can read? We can try to assist.


I will stop now…