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Bloodwork: Low Test and FSH with No Detectable LH

Hey guys, new member here and stumbled across the boards when looking for opinions on my situation.
-age 28
-height 180cm
-waist 32”
-weight 93kg
-describe body and facial hair fairly hairy but not full bear mode
-describe where you carry fat and how changed lower abdomen
-health conditions, symptoms [history] low sex drive , fatigued , no real get up and go at times, mood swings and lack of emotion
-Rx and OTC drugs, any hair loss drugs or prostate drugs - have used AAS in the past ( written below ) had to do a couple of months of accutane at one stage also.
Supplementing with the usuals whey , creatine , fish oil as well as some EAA and dextrose Intra workout
-lab results with ranges - pictures below
-describe diet - around 3000 calories with 225g protein 60g of fat and then carbs as they fall.
Some days those numbers are different depending on activity and what I feel like eating but generally healthy foods.
Rest days I may be closer to 90g of fat and that would be higher due to some sardine and salmon.
describe training [some ruin their hormones by over training]
Push , pull , legs split ran 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off repeat.
Low volume , high intensity.
Have also dabbled in some mountain dog programs which I’ve always felt grest doing.
-testes ache, ever, with a fever? Never any issues.
-Rare if any morning wood for close to 9 months.
Ereftion strength is not great either

More info.
28 year old male.
93kg and roughly 12% BF.
Work rotating shift work of nights and days.
Diet has been tracked religiously for years and it’s always been very balanced with moderate fats sufficiently protein and carbs as needed for performance.

Have read through the TRT stickies and thought I’d run some concerns of mine through my own thread.

Before I go into things, I am working with an endocrinologist but he does seem like one of the many who aren’t as well versed as there qualifications would suggest when TRT questions that many of us go through ( from what I’ve gathered reading other posts )

I have been off of all AAS for 14 months now and prior to that I had blasted and cruised over the period of 18 months.
Never ran higher than 500mg of test e on a blast or 200mg of test e on a cruise.
Dabbled with tren, deca and npp at different times throughout.
I ran HCg at 250iu 2x weekly throughout because I was of the thought that this would maintain fertility throughout my time on.
The PCT I ran was a SERM as well as aromasin ( similar to the SERM / Ai protocol in step two of the stickie )

So after being off for 14 months I went and got blood work in January finally after my lack of sex drive and overall fatigue and lack of drive was effecting me in and out of the gym.
I will attach all bloodwork if I can to show levels and ranges.

After meeting with the Endo he was happy that I had some knowledge on the compounds I’d used and what my levels meant for me and ordered another round of blood tests, a semen analysis and an ultrasound on my testicles.
I have already had an MRI to rule out any tumour of the pituitary.

I guess going into all of this I was sort of hoping to be prescribed TRT in a way to try and raise my levels so I felt better and had some more drive and he kept trying to tell me that it may be mentally caused but I assured him that my partner is very supportive and knows of my issues etc and has never made me feel pressured etc so it isn’t really a performance anxiety issue in my eyes.

The Endo said he would probably not prescribe TRT to me and he labelled it essentially as male contraception which I did not agree with and I made that known to him and he wasn’t really open to discussion on that point.
He said being fairly young and not having kids that it would be a risky situation or position to be in.
Was he wrong to sort of put that fear into me?

I know modern medicine these days means virtually anyone can fall pregnant ( IVF ) and perhaps he’d change his tune towards this after my semen analysis and further blood work comes back.

So I am not really sure what I am hoping to gain from posting here but maybe some of my concerns answered and maybe going back and forth in regards to what my next plan of action is from here to restore things or if I’m just going to be wasting time not going onto TRT.

Thank you all

A lot of doctors want nothing to do with TRT because of all the falsified studies put out by big pharma that TRT cause heart attacks, strokes and cancer, TRT prevents disease and managed health care isn’t into preventive medicine, it’s not seen as profitable and pharma wants you diseased and on prescription drugs, not hormones.

The doctors that specialize in TRT are mostly private clinics in anti-aging and wellness, preventive medicine and not managed health care. This is why endo’s are so clueless, it’s purposeful.

Your doctors head is buried so deep in the sand that he doesn’t realize you are at high risk for cardiovascular disease at those levels. He doesn’t care just yet because you don’t have a disease he can treat, once you do get cardiovascular disease then your doctor will prescribe drugs to ease your suffering. That’s how the sick care model works.

Testosterone Threshold for Increased Cardiovascular Risk in Middle-Aged and Elderly Men:

It seems in AUS we don’t have that progression with the wellness clinics as of yet which is a shame.
I just want to feel like a young healthy 28 year old.
I even told my Endo I wasn’t here for a hand out that I just wanted to be healthy and feel somewhat normal again.

That explains a failure to act, AUS is anti-TRT so everyone’s minds are already closed. There are doctors who have a backbone and will treat you, you just have to find them. Jay Campbell may be able to point you in the right direction.

Ok cool.
Would you be able to tag him in or maybe I’ll just wait to see if he finds my thread.

New to the boards and the formats a bit different to other forums I’ve been on so still working my way through some bits

Google Jay Campbell or go to TRT Revolution website. He’s not a member of this forum.

Does anyone else have any advice in regards to my situation?

I am going for a semen analysis tomorrow and a ultrasound on my testicles just to rule out anything bad going on ( Endo referrered me for these )

I’d really like to use TRT to feel better but if it ruled out my chances of having kids I’d probably regret it.
I know there are PCT protocols for kick starting things again if the time came but I am unsure if I’d have my endo’s support.

If you tell your endo about worrying about fertility, he won’t give you TRT. You can always add HCG and FSH injection to regain fertility. Endo’s on average are terrible at TRT and only offer protocols (200mg every 2 weeks) that lead to more suffering.