Bloodwork Just Came In. Holy F*ck!

December 22nd, Had TT tested, Vitamin D, and T3. Results were:

Total testosterone: 392

Well, I wanted to know what LH, FT, Estradiol, and SHBG were, so I had the doc order another test. Here are the results, just 3 weeks later, and these numbers are NOT typos.

Total Testosterone: 2666 ng/dL

Free Testosterone: 858.3 pg/mL

Estradiol High Sensitivity: 24 pg/mL

Luteinizing Hormone: <0.2 mIu/mL

Prolactin: 8.7 ng/mL

SHBG: 20 nmoL/L

Between December 26th, and January 10th, I was pinning Test E 200 mg/mL, 2 mL per week, for a total of 400 mg of Test E per week, and a total of 4 injections between blood tests. Is it possible for my Test levels to jump from 392 to 2666 in 2 weeks? Or for my Free Test to be that high? LH results make sense, but I’m thinking this test was skewed somewhere.

Doesn’t seem unreasonable if you believe TC knows what he’s talking about (I do).

In 2 weeks though? That just seems impossible in 2 weeks with only 4 injections total. I have been wrong before though…many times.

I have no idea. I just happened to have read that article yesterday.

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Your T could jump to that after a single 200 mg injection, especially if catching the peak. I inject 50 mg EOD and my TT and FT are around half yours but stable.

those numbers are right in line with what one could reasonably predict. That’s not remotely unusual or crazy. I would have predicted 2500-3000, lol.

As a side note, I think it’s hilarious that you’re saying ‘this seems impossible’. It obviously happened, right? You got bloodwork, you KNOW it happened. What, exactly is your concern here? Do you think your gear is overdosed? Or do you think the bloodwork was contaminated? I’m rather confused as to what you’re getting at.

@flipcollar I’m just surprised that my levels got that high, that quickly. I overshot my goal numbers, and got a little concerned when I saw 2666. I KNEW it could get there, I just didn’t think it would so rapidly.

how did you determine your goal number?

First time posting…I want my blood work done. Don’t want the results to be “offical” in my medical history. Running a cycle now. Like to see what’s up. Any hep would be so helpful.

medichecks (based in nottingham I beleive) Nottingham can test pretty much anything you are willing to pay for.

What you won’t get is a report…just the raw data.