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Bloodwork Is In

I take 200mg one injection per week. 12hr fast. Blood was taken on Friday, my injection day, before I injected so these are the trough results.

Things that were out of range:
RBC 5.94 (4.14-5.80) not too far out
Hemoglobin 19.9 (13.0-17.7)
Hematocrit 55.0 (37.5-51.0)
MCH and MCHC were slightly elevated as well

HDL 34 (>39) clean up diet here
LDL 144 (0-99) clean up diet here

Here’s the hormones:
TSH 3.300 (.45-4.500)
Serum Testosterone 312 (264-916)
Free Testosterone 12.42 (5.00-21.00)
%Free Test 3.98 (1.5-4.20)
IGF-1 178 (79-216)
Estradiol 14.0 (8.0-35.0)

Fasted glucose was 119 which was slightly elevated.

Other than cleaning up diet and blood is a tad thick which I believe diet can help, any suggestions? I think cleaning up the diet will help a lot because I don’t really eat healthy at all.

I think daily dosing or even twice a week dosing might help the free test and total test. Opinions? Lower dosage to help correct CBC count?

Thanks for any help. I’ve always done blast and cruise but I feel it’s time to get on to a normal TRT regimen.

Are you taking an AI?

Your trough levels are low and these large injections is driving up HCT, to see a dramatic difference you need to make big moves. You go through Test really fast and I think you should go with a daily protocol, 200mg weekly should net you much higher trough levels.

You seem to hyper excrete and/or hyper metabolize testosterone and are left to deal with excess HCT levels. I’m a low SHBG guy and 75mg weekly got my trough levels of 440 on my one and only weekly protocol, peaking around 550-600.

You need to check thyroid hormones, fT3 and rT3 at a minimum and it would be a good idea to check antibodies.

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All this advice based purely on numbers on a piece of paper and not a single one of you have asked how he is feeling and what symptoms he has, if any. Seems to me that is the first question to ask.

You should ask the guy what his symptoms are before giving advice about giving advice before asking about symptoms.

In all seriousness though his question was will more frequent injections help with his test levels. The answer is try it and see.


I feel good.

Question: How does one increase testosterone levels?

Answer: Increase dose

Your levels will vary wildy based on when you measure them. Want to show really high levels? Test a few hours after injection. Want low? Test a week later right before your next injection (if you are doing weekly). So labs are simply a matter to demonstrate what you want them to show.

I’m doing daily administration. My levels are pretty consistent. My trough is higher than most of your peaks. No symptoms to speak of.

Simply asking how do I increase my
test levels without any idea of symptoms or feel is putting the horse before the wagon.

So, if you feel good, and have no symptoms, don’t touch anything. Leave it at that.

I would argue that you might (probably) feel even better than now if, at the very least, you split your dose into twice weekly injections.

So you think try 200 on daily injections would help? Is the dose too high for daily or just wait the 8+ wks and retest blood?

The thyroid numbers you want…those might be responsible for the quick use of the test? T3 uptake was 27% (24-39%) Free thyroxine 2.0 (1.2-4.9). Don’t know if that helps…

Thanks for the help.

I do 200mg split daily

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How long have you been on this protocol? Also, what were your starting numbers (TT, FT, HCT…)?

In my circles, 200mg a week is standard starting dose as the majority of men do best with it. Frequent injections are best as hormones levels remain consistent.

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Originally I was diagnosed with hypogonadism. Endo put me on 100mg every two weeks. I ignored that and went right to 200/week one injection. After a month I began blasting a cruising for the next six years. I have always been 200-250 per week when cruising.

This is the first blood test I’ve had in several years so these are my “starting numbers” to do TRT the way I’m supposed to.

It’s crazy your estrogen is so low. I wouldn’t think it would fluctuate as much as T does.

You need to cut your dose way down if you’re gonna do a daily protocol, I get over 400 ng/dL injecting 7mg daily and 80mg EOD gets me slightly more. As you can see the former is 31mg less and am getting about the same numbers.

Try 20mg daily (120mg weekly), there’s a chance you could need a little more.

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400ng/dL numbers for you and telling him to lower? 400 is a deficiency. Standard starting dose is 30mg daily. I can bring in 15+ physicians here to confirm. Why would you want anyone to do TRT to have 400 total T? Might as well not take the stuff!

By the way, 20mg daily is 140 weekly… Not 120.

Brother sometimes I question your reading comprehension skills lol!

He’s saying that he got 400 on only 7mg a day, and got close to the same results on 80mg EOD, demonstrating that, in his experience, a smaller dose daily will yield similar levels compared to more spread out injections with a larger dose.

His comment had nothing to do with his personal levels or whether or not your 15+ physicians would put their stamp of approval on them.


Haha. Just messing with you guys.

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