Bloodwork, How to Improve it ?

Hello all !

I recently received some bloodwork data.
My total testosterone is 500 ng/dl - which I think is a bit insuficcient. I was wondering how to elevate that number ? Any possible legal way ?

I was thinking about trying Novedex XT.

BTW. It should be mentioned that I am currently taking SSRI medication, which may play a role in the creation of my “low” test. score.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yea, you gave us enough information.

I have taken SSRIs, I was not aware they had any effect on test levels. They can certainly cause sexual dysfunction, however.

SSRIs and many other drugs compete with the same liver metabolic pathways that remove estrogens from the blood stream. This leads to higher estrogen levels and that lowers T levels while increasing SHBG which reduces FT even more.

SSRIs suck. If you are anyways near getting off that drug, stopping it may be helpful in many ways.

Serum E2 lab work would be useful data.

What other estrogen issues? Love handles? Can’t loose weight? Gyno? It is hard to consider the emotional issues that estrogens can create when your brain is rewired by the SSRI.