Bloodwork Help?

Hi all.

So having had general health tests in the past and with the T level coming back as 8nmol and 12 nmol I had most of the symptoms of low T, I started looking into trt.

I live in UK and NHS don’t want know. I tried proviron (private source) for a few weeks in May but I got testicular ache and prostate hurt so stopped and went on T gel for about a month 2 pumps a day stopping mid July.

After letting it out of my system I tested with optimale with a view to getting jabs as gel was messy.

Initial results came back as the attached. Any advice as to why T has jumped so high. Could it still be in my system from gel?

I did a finger prick test at 9am albeit after a heavy Squat session at 6am could this have effected results?

Also was in a calorie deficit and fasted when took first tests and in a sexless relationship. Could these factors have made such a difference?

Thanks in advance

If you stopped TRT in July, and levels are good, then this is your natural production kicking back on as indicated by your LH. The T gels are very short lived and have no half life, so no way any is in your system.

Your Free T4 is abnormally high hinting at conversion disorder, normally when Free T4 is above range, Free T3 and Reverse T3 are not balanced and this can cause similar symptoms to low testosterone.

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