Bloodwork, Help With Right Diagnosis

Hi All,

My age is 25. Always feeling tired and weakness and brain fog
Lab results
Total Testosterone: 272 ng/dl (164-753)
Free testosterone: 11.3 Pg/ml (4-30)
Shbg: 11.9 nmol/L (18-54)
Estradiol: 24.9 Pg/ml (0-40)
HDL: 29 (35-80)
LDL: 104 (85-130)
Tryglycerides: 268 (25-200)

Please suggest if I need testosterone replacement therapy

What are suggested ranges for test?

Even if you are in low end of “normal” range you probably have low test.

Also, I think you would get more replies in T-replacement thread.

Please see I have added the reference range and suggest if I need testosterone replacement therapy

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Well you are inside “normal range” but on lower end of normal range. Which means your test is low. Especially for your age, senior men tend to have test levels like those you put up here.

SHBG is lower than average, but lower shbg means more free test floating aroung.

Low SHBG is also often caused by high tryglycerides. High tryglycerides mean that there’s some fat in your blood.

Did you test for your LH?

Low SHBG and high tryglycerides are both often connected with obesity.
Also I have to ask what are your stats? How high are you and now much you weigh? What is your bodyfat %?

EDIT: Obesity is also one of causes of low testosterone.

Low SHBG is a sign of inflammation and is expected with those who have visceral fat surrounding their liver and even insulin resistance and hypothyroidism, more often than not guys come here with a degree of either subclinical hypothyroidism or full blown hypothyroidism that is ignored by their doctors because they are within ranges.

In ranges doesn’t mean you’re in the clear, insurance companies use these ranges against you as a tool to deny treatment. You can have numbers within ranges and still have a dysfunctional thyroid gland. Doctors should suspect hypothyroidism with SHBG below 20.

Your testosterone numbers are associated with old elderly people, at 25 you should be at your peak and instead your at the wrong end of the ranges.

I am presently 85kg which my highest till now. I was 78 kg 6 months back. My height is 178 cm. I have 23% body fat.

I didn’t test for LH and will get it done and come back.

If I am able to reduce the tryglycerides and increase the HDL, will it boost up my total testosterone?

And also my blood pressure always registering around 130-140/90-100

It might be hard thing to do.

Tryglycerides are high because of excess weight and high bodyfat.
Also I’m not sure if they are really connected to testosterone.

Hypothyroidism can cause obesity, joint pain, infertility and heart disease…
Good news is that it’s easily treated. So doing more hormonal tests would be needed to see if thryoid is doing OK.

I would suggest you do more hormone tests and dropping some weight for start. Because once you start TRT it’s likley you’ll stay on it for life.