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Bloodwork Graph: How Fast My Body Burns Through Sus250 Over Two Weeks

Hey team,
I’ve been getting bloodwork every few days to show my urologist how silly it is to do a 1ml injection of Sus250 every three weeks.
Thought you might be interested to see just how fast it burns up! This is over a 13 day period.

2 Days after injection:
Total Testosterone: 34.4nmol/L
LH: <0.2
FSH: <0.2

6 Days after injection:
Total Testosterone: 22nmol/L
LH: <0.2
FSH: <0.2

13 Days after injection:
Total Testosterone: 9.4nmol/L
LH: <0.2
FSH: <0.2

SHBG: 30.8

Waiting on bloods from the third week but I’m currently on Day 18 since injection and feel like garbage! Hopefully this graph along with the bloodwork will support me moving on to weekly injections (and hopefully switching to Cyp!)

What a great idea. Nicely done my friend.
I’m sure all this testing ain’t cheap the assshole better listen to your research.
Best of luck to you and thanks for the idea and info.

Why would your doc put you on sustanon for TRT? You are bound to have irregular levels with a blend of 4 different esters with different half lives… Cyp or Enanthate is much better for TRT - stable levels

I’m located in New Zealand and Sus250 is the standard treatment (or nebido ugh!). I am going to ask if I can switch to Cyp (enanthate isn’t available here) but it’s not the usual testosterone prescribed.

Thankfully healthcare is free in my country so I don’t have to worry about that! Hoping these bloods make a strong case for me.

Nice graph mate. I’m on Sustanon 250 (UK). My prescription is 1 injection every 9 days but I split it in 3 which works well for me.

That’s a good idea! Every nine days is a strange prescribed protocol. Do you just preload syringes and chuck them in the fridge? My sus comes in ampules?

Mine are in 1ml ampules as well. Yes I preload them so the are ready, wrap in cling film and put them in a Tupperware box. I store them in a cool dark place (my wardrobe). I’ve read Sustanon shouldn’t be stored in the fridge.
I’ve been splitting my dose for several months and haven’t had any problems.
I’m pretty sure Doctors can’t tell you to do this because they are in 1ml, one use ampules.

Why don’t you just show your doctor this 12 year old study which shows beyond a reasonable doubt injections every 2-3 weeks doesn’t work. Hell once weekly and even twice weekly doesn’t work for me, your doctor needs to realize everyone is different, we are biochemically unique.

Figure 1 graph B shows levels drop below therapeutic levels after 6 days, sooner if SHBG is lower. Your body CANNOT reach homeostasis on these protocol because your levels are always changing and the body favors regularity, not chaos.

12 Year-Old Study That Proves Testosterone Injections Every Two Weeks Fail

@bigbobrocks16 Nice Log Man i just like to know what was your Dose size you give your self for the results in the CHART above? was this half a cc of Sust 125mg per Shot? or less. Just wondering

Nice @Wimmy you said you take Sustanon too, My prescription is 1 injection every 9 days you mentioned,how much Sust 250 did you inject to last the 9 days was it half a bottle 125mg? just curious

You should be fine with the Sustanon. Just not every three weeks!

Ask if you can inject 1-4 times a week… I’m injecting Sustanon EOD (;

@dannybrouk I take 250mg for the 9 days.

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WOW nice so you do 1 full Ampoule 1ML of Sustanon once per week yes? @wimmy i not done a entire bottle ampoule, but be interesting to see what my blood work says after doing 1 full ampoule though.

No I don’t take the full ampule. I take a third every 3 days.