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Bloodwork & Funny Thing Girl Said


So I got some blood taken about 1wk into my PCT (yes, this was a while so, slow Dr's office) and I just got the results mailed to me last night.

Obviously my test was low, as well as my liver and vit D both being 'abnormal'

I can understand the test and liver, but the Vit D surprised me. Oh well I'll just buy some Vit D and get out in the sun more then I have been.

Now I got the blood taken at that time b/c I was planning on starting the Anabolic diet and wanted to get my cholesterol checked. Oh, that too was abnormal (high).

So I have some things to figure out. But with the low test I said to my girl: "Oh maybe he'll give me some Roidz!" (obviously just messing around).

Her response was funny: "No, he'll probably just inject some testosterone in your bum."

I had to pause, wait, and then explain to her that test = gear. I had to pause because she's IN the medical field. But I guess she just thought that all gear has funky names like "dinanabol" and shit of that nature.


IMO, you need to quit using shitty PH's, and switch to real AAS.

That is all.


OH, and what your girl said was funny, and stuff, and things.




That can be misconstrued... in a sexual manner. LOLERSKATES


All in due time.

Break out the LOLERCOPTER!!!


Ahhh, it's a new day, and a new crappy thread started by B Rock. Who only talks about his girl being in the medical field and wanting to take RoIdZZZZ, but only using PHs


You shoulda told your girl "How 'bout I put a dose of test in YOUR bum..."


Now - that is fuckin funny! lmao!


hahah...touche sir!