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Bloodwork for Low Libido and Slow Recovery?

I’m trying to solve a mystery for a friend. She is a 27-year-old woman, who spent most of her life not exercising. She has had a host of physical problems, including chronic neck pains, and migraines. She has been exercising and eating very well for the last 1-2 years, and she has massively reduced those problems, along with gaining lean muscle mass and strength.

Here’s the mystery: Despite everything she’s done, her recovery is terrible. She always has pains in her body. A workout that would take me 3 days to feel 100%, would take her 3 weeks to recover from. In addition, she has an incredibly low sex drive. It’s maybe once a month that she feels horny, and this is super frustrating for her. I have a strong suspicion that whatever issue she has may be responsible for both of these symptoms.

I want to make a list of blood tests for her so that we can figure out what is abnormal and how far away it is from the optimal range. I’ve been reading list after list of blood tests to take for general health, but I’m not sure what I should look for specific to her very slow recovery.

So what tests do you recommend?

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I know that testosterone and other sex hormones should definitely be on the list (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone). What other hormones might affect recovery?

Recommend she goes to defymedical to get bloodwork done. They provide quite good telemedicine after she gets bloodwork done at a labcorp location, a sports physical and survey. I’ve been down the bloodwork hormone replacement path for over 5 years and have seen about 7 Drs. I’ve been most impressed with the knowledge espoused by defy. They work with men and women.