Bloodwork for Cruising on 200mg

I inject 100 mg Mon morning & Thursday afternoon
Take aromasin 12.5mg Everyday
And here’s my blood work. I know my ldl is high and need help bringing that down but how’s my blood work looking?

There is a column that answers this. If something is too high or low it says HIGH or LOW. And if stuff is in range it doesn’t say nothing. Im not sure what are you asking.

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Sorry should’ve been more specific, for 200mg is it normal to be above 1500 and is the estradiol in good range and if I should continue taking 12.5 Ed ?

As far as T goes, the number doesnt mean much. People react differently on doses but they also function different. So one could take 200mg and be at 900 but actually gain a lot from it as his body uses the 900 well. Someone could be at 1500+ but his body doesn’t respond well and he doesnt get nearly as much as someone at 900. So it all comes down to how you feel. It doesnt matter it it says 400 or 4000 if you aint getting shit from it. So its all up to how you feel and what did you expect from this dose.

E2 works simmilary, but unless you have problems with higher e2, i would drop the aromasin, as i believe that if T is HIGH then e2 should be also. It seems you are suffocating it with drugs for no reason.
At 200mgs people shouldnt need anything extra. Its a cruise or a TRT, doesnt make much sense to add extra drugs. If you suffer e2 problems with no AI, maybe lower the test.

I believe you could have at least twice the e2 and still be ok, but again - its individual. I get no e2 sides even if my e2 is 10 times the normal. I see no difference if mine is 30 or 300. So this one is also up to you.

Was this taken at trough? >1500 is high for 200mg/wk.


You may not actually need AI and it could be hurting your gains if you’re reducing e2 without needing to. If you were having high e2 symptoms without AI though, I would continue your current AI protocol. As @hankthetank89 said, this is individual; some people have high e2 sides while in range and some go way over range without issues. If you aren’t (or weren’t) having high e2 problems, no need for AI.

Nah, within 95%tile response. But definitely need to run LC-MS/MS assay if you want quantitative result.

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If I don’t take ai , I get really bad e2 side effects such as acne, oily skin and my first cycle with no ai I got a lump under my nipple which I was able to get rid of with nolvadex

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Will probably end up lowering dosage to see how I react with no ai but definitely 200mg and up I need ai to control my e2 side effects

Is this the lowest dose of AI you’ve found to work? If so, I wouldn’t change it.

Yeah I tried lowering the dosages down to 6.25 Ed and I immediately got really oily face and worse acne

I feel with threads like this they should state their height, weight and approx bf% - because jesus 12.5 mg aromasin daily is a shit ton for 200 mgs week.

im guessing you have high bf%

Also try injecting 3 times a week

My body fat is roughly around 14-15% and yeah I’ll try injecting 3 times a week