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Bloodwork Fluctuations

hi all-figured this was the best place to ask. Been on TRT for 3 years now. I’m 37, experienced in gym and w/juicing-but haven’t in years.

anyway-currently on 140mg cyp weekly and 500mcg HCG 2x weekly. couple months ago I had labs that read near 1k total test, and recently had test that came back at 750, yet nothing has changed. Bloods always drawn in same time frame (7th day after shot) around the same time even. Any reason there would be such a wide fluctuation?

i feel good and e2 in check (25) and shbg at 46. just wondering what else might affect the levels.

Injecting once a week allows T levels to drop a lot. I am not surprised that you are having these results.

You should be injecting twice a week [and taking anastrozole] and hCG at that time. Then try to do labs half way between injections.
Some inject EOD.

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