Bloodwork Every 6-9 Months?

I’m approximately 1.5yrs into TRT at this point and my doctor has told me that I only need my blood tested every 6-9 months. Is this normal? Does anyone have an understanding of how often this is supposed to happen?

I find this a little discouraging as I thought I needed my blood tested every 3-4 months. I’m not even sure why it’s a big deal… it’s only a few markers / small blood test. I’m not sure why he cares how often I get my blood tested unless the Canadian / Ontario health system has directed this (ie only blood tests for major medical challenges). In which case I’ll have to find another option which will be difficult.

thank you for your help

Yes. Most clinics test every 6 months after you are dialed in. When you first start TRT, your protocol needs tweaked a lot hence the every 3 month tests. Once you feel good and your labs reflect appropriate levels its not necessary to test so often.


Now that I feel I am pretty much dialed in I wish my Doc would only test every 6 months. Less I have to pay him and for labs. Believe it is a state requirement where I am though for test scripts to require 3 month evals.

Sounds right. Once you’re established on a dose there’s not much that’s gonna change. Once or twice a year is plenty at that point

Once dialed in, TRT becomes a background program that you shouldnt be thinking about all of the time. Its pretty simple stuff once you get settled in. If you feel off or if you’re having issues then immediate labs will be ordered, but otherwise testing twice a year sets you free from overthinking this stuff. Live in the moment. No need to worry.

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It’s up to your doctor. I order them every six months, which is typical. I do know some who go yearly.