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Bloodwork Every 3 Months, Law?

New Dr. is saying BY LAW, I have to have new labs every 3 months. True or not? Last Dr. was every 6.

I’m not even sure if “by law” you have to have blood work to start trt. Now finding a doc willing to prescribe test purely on symptoms these days may be nearly impossible, and they’ll likely want to have the documentation to cover themselves if investigated. By standard practice seems to be that you should check every 6 - 12 months once stable, usually when you’re up for a refill. But is even that written into law, I don’t know.

If it were me, I’d ask for clarification on that policy or look for a different doc. If he’s telling untruths on this who knows what he’ll say later. But, it sounds like a money grab to me, easy extra cash for the practice.

LOL. @highpull , any truth to that in some random State that I’m unaware of?

My healthcare provider requires labs every 6 months. Your doc probably has a financial incentive, connection to one of these laboratory companies.

Instead of your doc telling a lie, all your doc had to say is “I” monitor my patients every 3 months and is mandatory. This way he doesn’t have to be dishonest with you, get caught and lose a patient.

The question becomes do you trust him to be truthful with you in the future.

No. I do not know how such a law could be enacted either. What tests? Levels? Are certain items required to continue TRT, or certain test results that mandate discontinuing? His instinct is correct.

I can’t remember the last time my dr. asked me for blood work for T. It’s probably been over a year.

Same here…in fact I’m the one that has to initiate it.

I get labs every 6 months here… he’s full of it.