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Bloodwork Done...


I had some blood work done, I got them done by a nurse who is a friend. she said she couldn't do a full panel for HRT as KSman recommend, for example she said she couldn't justify getting TT, LH or E2 done for me (though I may ask my GP to get them done for me now).

I got the results back today and these are the ones that are abnormal (her words). The only other thing was that when the receptionist contacted me to book the tests she forgot to tell me to 'fast' for the morning and I drank a fruit smoothie before the appointment, not sure if this messes any of them up?

I've been on HRT blast and cruise for 2.5 years now and these tests were taken 2 weeks ago whilst I was (and am still) on 600mg Test and 400mg Deca a week (plus 2mg adex a week and HCG 250iu twice a week) What do I need to do to get them back into safe/normal range? Shall I insist on having my GP do the full panel of tests?

Strangely I'm quite poorly at the moment (cough/cold flu like) and the doctor who put me on antibiotics suggested I may have asthma? I've been eating LOADS trying to gain weight, too.

These are the abnormal results:

Haematocrit 0.528 ratio high

Haemoglobin estimation 17.8 g/dl high? dehydration suggest repeat

red blood cell (RBC) count 6.07/L high original result: 6.07 x 10*12/1(4.16.557)

serum globulin 37g/L high

serum inorganic phosphate 0.62

ALT/SGPT serum level 52iu/L high

serum pottasium 5.4 mmol/L high serum potassium mmol/L high is 4.5-5.4 which puts me at the top range :frowning:

total cholesterol HDL ratio: 6.18 high The best cholesterol ratio would be 2,3 or less than 4 (mine is 6.18)

serum LDL cholesterol level 3.36 mmol/L high LDL cholesterol 2.06 mmol is considered optimal, mine is 3.36mmol/L (high)

serum HDL cholesterol level 0.89 mmol/L low HDL cholesterol low is below 1.04mmol, mine is 0.89mmol

serum triglycerides: 2.76 mmol/L high

serum cholesterol 5.5 mmol/L high

AST serum level: 46iu?/L high

Thanks guys...

FWIW, my liver are fine after having used Accutane a couple of months back :slightly_smiling:


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What do I need to do? Cruise I guess? Then have the tests repeated. Could this be what is making me ill?

I can search for the ranges for you, they are not on the paperwork I got so I don't know exactly how 'high' or 'low' they mean LOL.

How long do I have left?


serum potassium: normal range serum potassium is 3.5 to 5.5 mEq/L (mine is 5.4 mmol/L)


serum potassium mmol/L high is 4.5-5.4 which puts me at the top range :frowning:


The best cholesterol ratio would be 2,3 or less than 4 (mine is 6.18)


HDL cholesterol low is below 1.04mmol, mine is 0.89mmol

LDL cholesterol 2.06 mmol is considered optimal, mine is 3.36mmol/L (high)


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BBB: Thanks. Shall I abandon my 'blast' and revert back to TRT for say 10 weeks, implement dietary changes and have tests re done?

When you say 'really restrict carbs' am I alright to continue the 2 mars bars pre training and then acquire any other carbs I feel I need for energy for work strictly from fruit and vegetables? I eat very little vegetables and only a minimal amount of fruit now anyway, getting fiber and vitamins from supplements, so they are present, just from supplements.

I'm sure the nurse said that blood glucose would be one of the ones affected. As soon as I'm over whatever I've got I may go back and have them re taken anyway.

Thanks again :slight_smile:


Increase HDL with high potency B-vit complex, fish oil and vit-D3 4000 - 6000 iu/day.

You can edit your opening post and add ranges to that.

Liver is stressed. Can be from T, perhaps deca. Anything else that you consume that could stress your liver? Do not take much Tylenol.

Cholesterol is consumed, but mostly made in the liver. Your liver condition, whatever that is, is probably part of the abnormal cholesterol profile.

High hematocrit can limit blood flow through the capillaries and that is where the functions of the circulatory system are delivered. We have had a few here who have had unpleasant results from high hematocrit. [Any unexpected muscle pain while working out?] Some have donated blood or had blood removed as therapy and this fast removal of blood cells sometimes produces a fast and pronounced change for the better. If you reduce T, the drop in hematocrit will be slow and it will be hard to associate any changes for the better.

Where is your E2? -how your fat is distributed and where you cannot loose it is indicative.

Your anastrozole appears to be too low for 600mg T/week. Needs would be expected to be around 6mg/week to maintain E2 in the lower 20's; unless you are an anastrozole over-responder.

If your liver is compromised or stressed by other drugs that could also reduce E2 clearance by the liver.


KSman: Thanks. I am pretty lean at the moment (for me) quite lean around the waist/hips/love handles, no stubborn fat areas really, I seem to be losing fat pretty easily lately, even eating a load of food whilst trying to bulk up.

I didn't get E2 done, the nurse said she could not justify it, but I can go to my GP and have it tested if I admit to AAS use, which is not really a problem. I know that E2 seems quite low, and I have read your recommendations but when I cycled on and off 1mg adex a week prevented my gyno (which I have had reduced) from flaring up. I do not think I am hyper sensitive to AI but for that reason I believed it was sufficient for me, for this reason I 'believe' that my E2 is OK, although that obviously needs to be conformed with a proper test.

I have only used deca once before for ten weeks at 400mg a week, this is the second cycle and I'm about 3 weeks in.

No muscle pain but for the last 2 months I have began to develop a cough which has become progressively worse, to the point that this week I coughed so hard my testicles ached in the morning. I am on antibiotics (amoxicillin) its day 3 of 7 and these were prescribed by my GP. I only got these results in today.

I used Accutane at 20mg a day for about 60 days and stopped a couple of months back (roughly) I actually thought m liver were OK which just goes to show I know Jack Shit about interpreting these results! I don't use oral AAS and rarely drink. Unless my cholesterol has caused this the Accutane is the obvious culprit although my bulking diet can get pretty heavy on red meat and pizza so perhaps its a combination?

I have just taken 500iu if D3 and ordered a high quality, high potency b-complex. Shall I continue the deca and test and the current doses as change in hematocrit will no be immediately obvious/easily measurable?

Thanks again.


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Thanks BBB, maybe that could be my Christmas present? :slight_smile:

I just had lemon in green tea? But I'll do that tomorrow first thing.

Although all this is self inflicted I'm slightly worried and very keen to do what is needed to get back to normal, so thanks to both of you for the quick replies and advice :slight_smile:



A lot of your bloodwork is expected to be messed up while you are on cycle...as BBB said, this isnt exactly earth shattering news...I'd say a lot of these values are common for most AAS users...

Be sure to take care of your liver with support supplements...as BBB suggested, may want to consider a therapeutic phlebotomy to "thin" your blood out a little bit...

For HDL, Niacin seems to be highly recommended @ 500 mg/day before bed...I didn't get any improvements from Vitamin B complex...hoping the niacin makes some difference...

Overall, I probably wouldn't abort my "blast" over this...but you should definitely follow up when you are on a cruise since that is your normal levels


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Thanks VT, just ordered some Niacin. I also had the lemon and water this morning which BBB recommended, and who has now aptly nicknamed me 'red blood cell boy' LMFAO!


BBB: Thanks for your advice with this, I actually managed to sit still for a full 15 minutes, would you believe it? Good thing I didn't need to be quiet though!

My friend from the gym did a blood draw for me today, I'm now minus one pint of blood! Apparently this is more common than I thought in AAS user circles and it was a lot quicker and easier than I expected, and all carried out in the comfort of my very own home!


It may just be the placebo effect but it kinda feels like breathing is easier and my chest/lungs feel lighter (thats the only way I can think of explaining it).


BBB/BB: Are you guys concerned at all with iron loss as a result of these therapeutic phlebotomies? Or is this anything to be concerned about?

I understand iron/ferritin plays a big role in thyroid function, and can be diminished through loss of blood...


I'll take a multi mineral now :wink:


I went to my GP today and showed her my blood test results. She said the only concern was that my cholesterol was a little high but not in dangerous range and this may be caused because I didn't fast as I should have before the tests (the receptionist 'forgot' to tell me) and because I'm ill with this virus causing the coughing.

I'm on a HRT dose now and have the blood tests rescheduled for mid January, hopefully they'll all be good and a baseline will be established for future reference.

I'm following all of the advice from you guys, thanks again.


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Oh yes, I promised I'd take one didn't I?