Bloodwork Done, 26Y/O Male. Varicocele

Hi guys, i just got my bloods done, and the results are rather demotivating…
I feel depressed alot, and just low motivation in life, despite having good financial status and working out. Now i got my bloods back, and i think i can blame some of these issues on my testosterone being quite low for my age, which maybe has a connection with my varicocele.

these are european measurments, they convert to 492nl total test and my SHBG is 48, which is quite high…

What do you guys think of this? i already booked a appointment with a urologist to have this variocele fixed ASAP, hoping to get my levels up

Your FT is low because SHBG is on the higher end, doubt you will be prescribe TRT in a socialized medicine/sick care system. No ordinary doctor will do, you need someone who prescribes TRT everyday and not some urologist who does it on occasion because in this scenario the doctor will likely be ignorant and say you are normal, very common.

According to the Tru-T calculator your FT is 14.73 ng/dL (16-31 ng/dL) which is quite low, most doctors rely on inaccurate testing methods which overstate actual FT levels by 40%.

The thing is, im not even sure if i want TRT yet, because im reasonable young… and my physique is not bad… its just the mental aspect of feeling down… there might still be ways for me to feel better without going the TRT route, like fixing my varicocele, i have read this also lifts test levls up by 15/25%

Imagine someone said they had a magic pill that would make you feel young again, look like an athlete, give you the ability to retain muscle when losing fat, have sex like a boss and just feel better mentally. That’s TRT. The only catch is figuring out how many magic pills gets you where you want to be. The great thing about TRT is pre-trt you are less than a normal man but you get to take something that will make you even better than you would be if you were normal. Like someone who gets there legs cut off by then gets bionic legs that makes them run faster and jump higher. If you’re under 30 then do what you need to do but if it’s determined that it doesn’t work then get on the TRT train and reap the benefits of an above average person.

Fixing your varicocele will do nothing to decrease your SHBG, you would need at least double the TT to achieve healthy FT levels. LH isn’t steller and correcting the varicocele isn’t going to net you an increase.

In fact I don’t think your varicocele is affecting your T levels by a lot because your LH is about mid range as is your TT. I would expect to see a bit more FT at that LH level and the fact we don’t tells me your SHBG is binding androgens very strongly.

You may not want TRT because you are young, but sometimes the choice is forced on us even though we may not like it.

What youre saying might very well be true, fixing my varicocele Will not decrease my SHBG. However im pretty sure iT Will increase my TT a small amount, and considerinf i took these bloods being fairly lean, in a deficit and training 6x a week… i still have Some hope before i hop on tRT

I Will get my bloods done again soon, get my varicocele fixed snd than check my bloods again… if i feel the same, or my bloods stay the same… i Will have to accept reality and hop on self prescribed TRT… which at age 26 is quote sad… as my levels should be peaking now naturally.

I am trying to lower my SHbG if such a thing is even possible… so i guess i Will find out next bloods if iT worked or not.

I dont agree my TT is mid range… its on the lower side of things… while LH is medium to high… i always have hope for the best possible outcomes, thats just me as a person… but maybe in this case iT Will be a hard reality check and end up with TRT