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Bloodwork & Different Types of Testing Confusion Discussion

I’ve been on TRT for a little over 2.5 years in the form of T cyp injections. I played the game with my gp on dosage and protocol and after lots of labs I’ve determined that I can get by on 100mg to max 120mg a week. I’ve always done split doses every 3.5 days. I do labs with my GP 2x a year and will run my own labs as well If i have a concern or just to get more data about how my body processes exogenous T or where my e2 is. From doing this I thought I had a good handle on things until I just recently had labs with my Dr. and ran my own labs about 5 weeks later. when I run labs with my Dr. as far as checking T levels I get LC-MS/MS testing that gives, total T, Free T, Bio available T, SHBG, Albumin. When I run my own through labcorp I’m paying out of pocket so I get total T, Free T, % Free, and then I run sensitive E2. My question is basically what inferences or how do the tests I get from my Dr. compare to the serum tests I have with LabCorp? I’ve ran labs as soon as 32hrs (possible peak). after injection, just recently 54hrs (a little after 1/2 way between). after injection, and 76hrs. after injection (trough). I will post results at these times at both 100mg a week and 120mg a week.

120mg a week at 76hrs. after injection (trough)
Total T 948ng/dl 250-1100ng/dl
Free T 201pg/dl 46-224pg/dl
Bioavailable T 449.6ng/dl 110-575ng/dl
SHBG 21nmol/L 10-50nmol/L
Alubumin 4.9g/dl 3.6-5.1g/dl

120mg a week at 32hrs. LabCorp (around peak?)
Total T 941ng/dl 348-1197ng/dl
Free T 38.77ng/dl 5-21ng/dl
%Free 4.12 1.5-4.20%

100mg a week at 76hrs. after inject (trough)
Total T 732ng/dl 250-1100ng/dl
Free T 145.7pg/dl 46-224pg/dl
Bioavailable T 306ng/dl 110-575ng/dl
SHBG 22nmol/L 10-50nmol/L
Alubumin 4.6g/dl 3.6-5.1g/dl

100mg a week at 32hrs. LabCorp (around peak?)
Total T 882ng/dl 348-1197ng/dl
Free T 31.31ng/dl 5-21ng/dl
%Free 3.55 1.5-4.20%

This is most recent that confused the hell out of me. First time I’ve taken one at a time other than those listed above.

100mg a week T cyp and 375iu HCG 2x a week. Test done at 54hrs. LabCorp (around peak?)
Total T 669ng/dl 348-1197ng/dl
Free T 40.47ng/dl 5-21ng/dl
%Free 6.05 1.5-4.20%

I just had labs with my Dr. about a month prior to the one above and they looked like this
120mg a week at 76hrs. after injection (trough)
Total T 1006ng/dl 250-1100ng/dl
Free T 226pg/dl 46-224pg/dl
Bioavailable T 524.2ng/dl 110-575ng/dl
SHBG 19nmol/L 10-50nmol/L
Alubumin 5.1g/dl 3.6-5.1g/dl

So my questions again are, What inferences can be made about the my resuts in the context of the timing of the tests and the differences of the test??? Why does it appear that there are different trends with my levels when comparing the 2 types of testing and times? Which methods should I trust the most? Sorry for this being long or confusing. I look forward to a discussion and thoughts from anyone who takes the time. Thanks in Advance. Don’t know if @KSman is still around the board but I’d love to hear his input.