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Bloodwork Came Back...Yikes

I just got off cycle, I did just a short four weeks of dianbol, I weaned off cutting dosage and literally quartering pills in the last week.

The day after my cycle ended, these were my relevant blood results, which I just got back today.

[Element] [Lvl] [Limits]
Alkaline/ 156h/ 25-150
Cholestrl/ 37h/ >39
Testostrn/ 108L/ 241-827 (Serum)
Free Test/ 3.1L/ 9.3-26.5
Dhea / 746 / 208-771 (Precursor to Test Production)

That was the relevant bloodwork, I took two days after my last oral dianabol pill. I got hooked up with an endocrinologist and have an appointment coming really soon.l

What do you guys think? I’ve seen some pretty significant strength losses the weeks after but then, this week my strength is increasing again back up. I haven’t experience any acute depression or dimensia of any sort, slight insomnia.

This leads me to believe that my test hopeful has restabilized on its own. I don’t know I’m very inexperienced with this sort of thing.

Please help me out, I’m not freaking out, I’m sure the doc can fix me up and confident that in my next blood-test, my test levels will be back to normal production.

I’d just like to get your opinion.

I would probably get my bloodwork done in another 4-6 weeks and see how you are then. That’s jmo though.

This is why we do something called PCT.


Just so people know what they are getting into when responding to this thread.

PCT is the restabilizer, I should use? Or should I just wait to get another bloodtest.

A dose of reality is the ‘restablizer’ you need.

Go read something.

(HINT: There are 3 or 4 threads at the top of the forum to start with)

I’m just gonna stfu and read till my Doctor’s appointment. I’m reading up on PCT right now.

What you need is an SERM.

You doc can prescribe it.

Say “SERM” to him, he should know what it means.

Or you can do what the rest of us do and just the drugs online, they are available in liquid form from research companies semi legally.

thanks west

Haha you said “semi”

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
A dose of reality is the ‘restablizer’ you need.

Go read something.

(HINT: There are 3 or 4 threads at the top of the forum to start with)

Have to say Bonez your approach to answering dumb posts astounds me. Seriously I look forward to dumb posts to hear how you reply! Keep up the good work weeding out the people that give steroids a bad rep!

Man it’s scary how some people will take steroids will little to no education on what they are and how they affect your body…the info is everywhere.

To the OP, best of luck, you will recover but it certainly could have been easier than you made it.

lol@4 weeks of dbol
lol@PCT is the restabilizer

Ahh, I needed a laugh.

So glad I am researching BEFORE I do my first cycle so I don’t turn out like this guy.

Lol, idiot.

Wow, you were obviously nowhere near ready to be taking steroids. Solo dbol? 4 weeks? NO PCT?! That’s uneducated-nooberdom if I ever saw it. I know I might sound like a dick but next time do research.

Oh, and of course your levels are going to be whacked out the DAY AFTER your cycle. Give yourself some time to stabilize.


This thread is OLD.