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Bloodwork - Before, During, After First Cycle

Hey guys, I posted a thread starting back in May or so commenting on my first cycle.

Quick recap, I’m 39 years old, about to turn 40 in a few days, ran am 8.5 week cycle starting July 8th, consisted of 250mg test E per week (125mg, Monday/Thursday) only took arimidex at the very end for 2 weeks after seeing E2 at 94.8. Took 3 weeks off then did 4 weeks of Nolva 40/40/20/20.

Been off of everything since ending PCT about 4 months ago.

Was preparing for another cycle , I have everything on hand and glad I didn’t start since all the gyms are closed indefinitely in my area.

Anyway, I’ve recovered completely , my test levels are marginally higher than pre cycle and my free test is much higher.

Everything else returned to normal, the high hematocrit and cholesterol.

Interestingly, I’ve never had my prolactin checked so decided to do so and it’s high, just outside the normal range, I wonder what could be causing that.

Anyway, here are 3 snapshots of the bloodwork from pre cycle, week 8, and now 4 months after.

See it is possible for a 40 year old man to recover haha.

Before , never juiced

During the juice 1/2

During the juice 2/2

After the juice


@aaronca had substantially higher T levels (than before cycle) for a while after doing PCT but over time eventually returned to previous natural levels. Not sure if it was 4 months after though.

My prolactin (though I’m on TRT and not sure what it was before TRT) is 21.5 (upper range is 15) and it doesn’t cause any issues. Usually a tumor would show levels significantly higher so it’s likely not something to worry about.

Your numbers were less than good before cycle, FT was low and TT not great but not awful. Your TSH was also pretty high @dextermorgan knows more about TSH than I do, but you were at the very top of normal.

Maybe the cycle / nolvadex helped jumpstart your beans. Who knows. My TT/FT is usually higher for 10-12 weeks after nolvadex and then drops back to normal.

I’d personally wait another 4-8 weeks then retest before cycle. See what it says.

Yes my TSH is high as I have hypothyroidism, I had the right lobe of my thyroid removed in 2017 as it had a tumor, haven’t felt the same since.

TSH was much higher one year post surgery it was like 7.8, I haven’t taken any synthroid in a year and it looks like it is getting better with time, now down to 3.8 or whatever.

Being hypothyroid has definitely impacted my test levels.

I agree with most of your post until you say to wait 4-8 weeks and then get tested again, makes no sense I’ve been off of everything for 4 months what is another few weeks going to change?

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If I were you I would contact Dr Nichols @ Tier1 and have him take over your thyroid issues. He seems to be one of the best for thyroid (and any other hormone related issues).

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The very first cycle I ran, I was at 700+ TT ~4 months after cycle. I retested 8 months later (doing pre cycle labs for my second cycle), and my levels were 550.

It is quite possible that the nolvadex boosted your levels temporarily, and that after everything TRULY settles back to normal, that those test levels drop again. They might not, it might have helped you, but don’t be surprised to see them drop.

My next two cycles I was high TT 740+ after both cycles and then dropped to 500 after a slightly shorter time.

I’m not the most knowledgeable with this stuff, but I can tell you my exact experiences.

Test in the 500’s for me is normal, the first hormone test I took was at 32 years old and total t was 586, free test was high naturally then at 28, my IGF-1 has always been high above the normal range and my estrogen has always been very low naturally at 10-20, it’s usually in the teens.

I have no issue with boners, I’m very sexual and still pursue and bang women in their early 20s.

Test levels are very dependent on the person, one person might feel low T symptoms at 500 but another is just fine.

Since all of the gyms are closed I won’t be running another cycle for the foreseeable future, I have a bunch of HCG laying around so I’m going to shoot 250iu 3 times a week as an experiment to see how I feel and see what kind of test levels I can get from it.

I shot 500iu on Friday holy shit it starts to work immediately, it’s crazy I had so much energy instantly it was intense.