Bloodwork Back, What Am I Doing to Myself?

First of all, I am waiting for my doctor to contact me. But freaking out a little and trying to figure out what’s going on, and hoping to at least talk about this some and hopefully reassure myself. It’s really stressful.

Had elevated creatinine, so was recently referred to a nephrologist. Simultaneously dealing with low-normal T. Ran bloodwork, came back with bottom of range RBC, enlarged red blood cells, slightly elevated urea nitrogen, and low lymphocites. Creatinine continues to climb (now out of range) and as a result, GFR just went under 60. Looking at these numbers going back to 2014, they all started more within range, and have been creeping out slowly. Serum protein within range, same with everything else.

In our initial conversation, he mentioned that my weight gainer shake, which contains creatine, could be raising creatinine and causing that. My creatinine has been going up slowly for years but moreso with the addition of the creatine.

I’m waiting on my T levels to come back from another test I had recently, but I’m wondering if I’m overtraining, losing muscle mass, thus raising creatinine and causing mild anemia. I wouldn’t be surprised if my recent extreme tiredness at rest and at the gym, and apparent loss of muscle mass and weight are as a result of me “trying” TRT and maybe lowering my levels.

I’m 34, and really hoping my kidneys aren’t showing signs of going here. Thoughts?

“Trying TRT” ? Are you saying that you used test at some point, a cycle perhaps, and think that caused these issues? Or are you currently on TRT?

Creatine absolutely causes an artificial creatinine level. The actual number and range would be good to know. That’s not to say that you may not have something going on, but I don’t expect that you’re in urgent need of a transplant or dialysis.

Tried a single injection (I have a post about it on here), and didn’t follow through with staying on it. That was over 2 months ago now.

General weakness and weight loss began a few weeks ago, roughly at the 2 months mark.

You didn’t do anything with one shot. Pissing in the ocean man. Relax.


TRT shuts down the HPTA and stops intratesticular testosterone and the lack of LH hormone secreted by the pituitary can damage the leydig cells in the testicles. This process usually doesn’t happen after only one injection, but takes weeks to occur.

Your levels should have bounced back by now, it may be the reason you attempted TRT was because your levels were already low.

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Sounds like low t man. Why did you try t? You should post labs and keep on diary so folks can follow.

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Hoping it’s the creatine and possibly some muscle breakdown (which apparently raises creatinine too).

CREATININE 1.38 mg/dL 0.7 - 1.3 mg/dL

Mind you the above number has been rising since 2014

My last T test showed them back in the low 500s so I assumed I at least bounced back to normal.

I have felt noticeably weaker at the gym over the past few weeks though. Never have I ever left so early after 20-30 minutes so many times.

More small injuries too. Sore legs, a bum knee, and hitting failure when lifting way sooner than I used to. Even when I go to the gym feeling initially really good, I poop out quickly (so I don’t think it’s placebo).

I will once I get some more current results back (few days hopefully).

Got frustrated with my “could be better for your age” (to quote 3 doctors) low 500 levels and was about to start, then didn’t stick to it.

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The possibility of overtraining being a culprit is wishful thinking. I have yet to run into anyone first-hand who is actually overtrained. I competed and trained clean for Strongman, my training partner laughed that “anything less than 6 grams is natural” and I more than kept up with him (in fact I beat him at every single contest), and I was never overtrained. Just catabolic sometimes.

Total T in the absence of Free T doesn’t provide a complete picture, if SHBG were high normal, I would expect Free T to be very low or suboptimal and TRT may be needed.

Free T is where the rubber meets the road, or in your case meets the muscles.

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I’ve heard this as well, but then I keep hearing that many people run into overtraining-like issues where it’s just too strenuous. Maybe due to another condition. I’m not quite sure.

FT has been 10 or lower for a while. Never broke 11 I don’t believe, except for on Clomid. Could be better.

Many people are delusional. They confuse normal response to exercise with a chronic condition because they are wusses/

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Check these out. Normal reaction, I can agree with that.

Basically says that kidney markers worsened after extremely strenuous exercise.

I don’t think my 30 minute workout is strenuous, but if there’s something else going on, maybe that needs to be fixed first before resuming my normal hour workouts.

People like to point to overtraining as a boast, like they are a beast in the gym or something, or as an excuse to exercise less. Exercise is good for you no matter what the condition is, so don’t be swayed by that talk.

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High frequency, volume and intensity is where ot happens. Especially if someone does not build up to the work load.

I have noticed cyclists and runners have this issue more often. It’s hard to work out for 4 hours daily at the gym. Much easier to kill your self riding or running 5 hours daily and beyond your ability.

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Lots of guys worry about overtraining, almost none of them will ever have a legitimate need for concern. It gives people something to fuss over in between convincing themselves that they are “hardgainers” or whatever the current nonsense fad is.


So what’s the purpose behind a deload week or similar?