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Bloodwork Back, Is 435 Low?

Joined this forum to see if anyone had any vitamin d3 reports because I just got my blood results back. My test level is 435. And my d level is 37. I’m 28 years old.

I’m going to supplement 10,000 iu of d3 a day until my d level is near 80 and than get my test levels checked again.

Will let you guys know in a month what happens.

If not i want to go on TRT. Is 435 an ok number to still do TRT? Doc said I wasn’t low enough for him to prescribe. But I will go to different docs until one prescribes if I have to.

As far as D3 I just started 10,000 iu a couple of weeks ago and I have to say my seasonal and household allergies have greately improved if nothing else. Will definitely help the immune system.

I agree. But is 435 low for 28 years old?

Is 435 low for a 28 year old male?

435 is just a number on a piece of paper. Short answer is yes- it is low for a 28 year old in my opinion if given that you’re in otherwise good health. The question is subjective- how do you feel physically and mentally? That really tells you whether the number on a piece of paper means anything other than in or out of range. It’s definitely a clue/place to start looking at why you feel the way you do if things are off. Read the stickies (first 6 or 7 posts at top of forum) to educate yourself on HRT.

Read the stickies, start with ‘advice for new guys’, and get more data posted about you.

Get lab reports and post here with ranges.

Is 913 an area code?

913 9 the best number and 13 my bday. I will read the stickies now. Thanks for posting replies. As far as my overall health everything is good. Doc said 435 isn’t low enough to be prescribed test. So I’m going to an endo in a month to find out the real deal. Going to see what my levels are than and report back. Going to try to raise them as much as possible naturally at first. I feel good but libido not how it used to be and have to really force myself to workout everyday and sometimes energy isnt where it used to be.

Do not discuss your own issues in this sticky. Create your own post.

The biggest problem for guys with hormone problems is finding a doctor who knows what he is doing. Most doctors are ignorant and unwilling and many who are willing are dangerous and stupid. Do not think that a specialist like an endocrinologist or a urologist is going to be able to help you. As a rule, these specialists are some of the worst offenders. An enthusiastic GP is your best bet.

-do you have insurance for docs and labs?
-do you have prescription drug coverage?
-does a doctor take your insurance?
-does your insurance cover compounded drugs?
-do you have any strong preference for injections vs transdermals?
-what country are you in? Any English speaking ex British colonies other than the USA are a problem

How to get a referral:

Talk to your doc first, if he is not willing or able, he may know who is. If he sends you to a endo or uro, he may simply be getting you out of his face.

-Google Earth: http://earth.google.com/...load-earth.html
–zoom into your region
–enter “compounding pharmacy” in the “fly to” box
–explore links to web sites, look for patient info concerning male hormones and referrals, start phoning and ask to talk to a pharmacist and explain your needs [factors above] and explain what you are looking for, health insurance issues, and preferences for injected vs transdermal and your needs for Anastrozole and hCG
–compounding pharmacies know regional doctors, the pharmacy need not be close to you.

-Local Pharmacies:
– start phoning
– local pharmacies will know local doctors
– see above

-Anti Aging clinics:
–They can be good and bad. Many will do the labs and mail all of the drugs and syringes to you. The prices can be very extreme.

If you are paying out of pocket, injections are cost effective. Compounded T creams can be affordable. T gels are $250 - $300 per month, depends on dose. Do not consider pellets or patches.

Study: http://tnation.tmuscle.com/...e_your_hormones

And write down your history symptoms. Print two copies, one for you and one for your doc. Doc can mark that up and retain and spend less time taking notes and asking random questions. This puts your concerns up front and provides talking points.

age 28
height 6’ 3"
weight 220
waist 36
describe body and facial hair not that hairy. Grow facial hair fairly quickly but can be patchy at first. Little hair on chest, nipples, lower stomach
did to grow fast or slow and steady as a teen I was a late bloomer. Actually was made fun of once for shaving my legs in high school. But I didnt shave them I just had not grown leg hair yet.
testes ache or hurt? ever? Once, right teste
mood good but sometimes Down
depression very rarely
libido if I have sex on Monday. I usually don’t care about doing it again til the following Monday. Low compared to what I used to be.
get cold easily? a change? Used to. Getting better with cold now. Feet get cold though.
dry skin, brittle nails?
use iodized salt? I use real salt. But I take a product called sea aloe gold three times a day with iodine
eat much sea food? Yeah
exposure to chemicals? Who isn’t exposed to chemicals? Pick your poison
ever used hair loss drugs? No
Rx and OTC drugs no

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