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Bloodwork and NDT

No response in my main thread so i try to post it here.
Bloods done 1.12-17.

Free thyroxine= 21pmol/l (8-21)
Tsh=4,71mU/l (0,5-3,6)
Free trijodtyroni=4,8pmol/l (3,1-6,2)
Progesteron=0,4nmol/l (max 3)
Estradiol=0,08nmol/l (max 0,20)
Total test=16,5nmol/l (6,0-35,0)
Free test=5,0nmol/l (2,3-9,9)
Shbg=33,0nmol/l (8-60)
Cortisol=279nmol/l (101-536)

Thyreoperoxidase as=884U/ml (max 6) This is antibodies right?

Hemoglobin=15,8g/dl (13,4-17)
Hematocrit=0,46 (0,40-0,50)
Iron=20umol/l (9-34)
Transferrin=2,9g/l (2,0-3,3)
Ferritin=208ug/l (30-400)
Vit B12=370pmol/l (180-670)
Tibc=73umol/l (49-83)

Alat=27U/l (10-70)
Gamma gt=18 U/l (10-80)
Alp=50U/l (35-105)

Hdl cholesterol=1,49mmol/l (0,8-2,1)
Ldl cholesterol=4,6mmol/l (3,3-6,9)
Uric acid=327umol/l (230-480)
Bilirubin=21umol/l (5-25)

Psa=1,0ug/l (0-2,5)
Protein total=75g/l (62-78)
Karbamid=6,5mmol/l (3,2-8,1)
Kreatinin=91umol/l (60-105)
eGFR=90ml/min/1,7 3m2 (max 80)

Ideally rt3 and free t3 should have been included but its not easy to get all the markers i want to test,but i will ask for it next time talking to doc.

What do you think of the cortisol and iron levels? these should be evaluated before starting ndt. ferritin seems a bit high at 208?,best range here is 100-120 says STTM site.

oh,free trijodtyroni=4,8pmol/l (3,1-6,2) is free t3,optimal here would be 5.4pmol/l,the top quarter of the referanse range. i read it on hypothyroidmom’s site. then its rt3 that is missing from the bloods.

come on guys,thats it? no more help just ignoring my posts?
why is that? i have expressed my thankfulness for all the help i have recived on this site,please dont let me walk the rest alone,i really need some help to get things right with the ndt,and to interpret the new bloodwork.

1: Do i need to raise ferritin before starting ndt? and are the cortisol-levels ok?
2: Is free t3 low?
3: The endo i visited two months ago said i should supplement with t4,he did not mention t3,based on the bloods,will ndt or just t4 be the way to go?

Please help me out the last bit on this one,no more outdated rants on doctors and the healthcare system lol,and forgive my forgetfulness and repetition in some posts.