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Bloodwork Analysis. 400mg Test E Week

These are 60 hours after last injection im on 400 mgs test E week , I take .5 mgs of liquid arimidex twice a week .

I inject 200mgs twice a week , (Sunday morning and Wednesday 6pm)

I injected Wednesday at 6pm and had blood drawn Saturday morning at 9am.

I feel total test is low for 400 mgs , I also feel estradiol is low . Please give me all your input as this is my first full set of blood labs ever . Thanks !!! Any suggestions … everything is average nothing is spectacular in regards to strength , energy , erections etc . Please feel free to comment …

You nuked your e2 because you’re using an AI for no reason. Also, you should do a better job of editing those screenshots. Why do you live in a plumbing supply warehouse?


Lmao where does it say that ??? Plumbing warehouse

And yes I’m done with the AI !!! When I first started researching everyone said AI , AI , AI …

It shows “patient address” in four places.

Ahhhh yea that’s not mine … so idk lol

So who’s blood work is this?

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That’s not my address , I live in New York so maybe they put that address so I could have done in PA .

Its my bloodwork

Weird. And yeah, the AI thing is not nearly as cut and dry as people make it out to be. It’s so much more complicated than “take this much and you’ll be fine”.