Bloodwork After PCT

Was 6 weeks into a test tren mast winny cycle when the wife decided she wanted to try for a baby sooner then I was expecting…which I am totally fine with I just wished I didnt start the cycle.

I got off the gear ran typical nolva clomid pct for 6 weeks.

2 weeks after PCT I got bloodwork done… my blood work came back as follows:

Total T 505 (300-800)
Estradiol 25 ( 11-40)
FSH 17.7 (.05-8.0)

Pre cycle blood work was as follows:
Total T 450 (300-800)
Estradiol 26 (11-40)
FSH 10 (.05-8)

My question is should I be worried about how elevated my FSH is considering it was high BEFORE I cycled, or do you guys think it’s just elevated because of the clomid I came off of 2 weeks prior to testing?

As a side note my cholesterol, liver, kidneys, and everything else is in totally normal range. Forgot to ask for LH test.

I realize my test levels were low fsh was high to begin with, but the first results of a 10 really weren’t too concerning to me honestly because it is only slightly elevated…however a 17 is another story. My doctor and I were planning on discussing possibly TRT because I’m only 26 years old and should have much higher T than 450… however it is now a 505…which still isnt great for my age… but that is for another discussion. My main concern here is the FSH level and the kiddo. Should I be worried? Or is this just lingering from the LH FSH spike from PCT?? Thanks bros

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FSH totally normal as PCT drugs still not cleared from your system totally

but it is interesting how your FSH was high before cycle

Thanks for the response. I kind of figured as much but wanted a second opinion because I didnt realize that the serms raise FSH to that extent. I also found it weird my fsh was elevated before too, and test was low leading me to think primary hypogonadism but now that it’s up to 505 I’m not sure what to think.

Does anyone have any idea what fsh and test levels would be if I truelly was looking at Primary hypogonadism?