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Bloodwork After 8 Months. Advice Wanted

These are my lab results after 8 months http://imgur.com/a/pTRx0. I am taking 200 mg of Testosterone Cypionate weekly; injecting 100 E3D. I am also taking .25 of arimidex EOD. I’ve seen around 15 lbs of muscle mass and have lost some fat. I do weight training 5x a week. I am 34 5’6 and weigh 164. The only real issue I have developed acne on my face, to the point it is embarrassing. Some are saying my estradiol is too low. Any advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  • I know my hematocrit is high. I was slightly dehydrated on this morning of the test. I will address with a blood donation.

Your e2 is perfect. Your T is very high for trt purposes. If the acne really bothers you, I’d suggest lowering your T dose to 150 mg/week, see how you feel and possibly 100 mg after that if you feel ok. Your hematocrit levels will also go down. Keep an eye on that number. It’s likely high because of your high T levels, as well as dehydration.

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I agree with Hostile.

T dose is too high. Try 150. Acne may improve.

That is a T dose reduction of 25%. Current E2 is good! You will need to reduce Arimidex/anastrozole by 25% to maintain E2. You can make up a solution with vodka, 1mg/ml and could drops with a dropper to get drops per ml, do the math and dispense by the drop.

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On TRT, LH/FSH–>zero. So a waste of time. Exception is that FSH is higher and that typically indicates testicular cancer.

At your age, an effort is needed to find out why your [non age related] T levels are low. What was LH/FSH before TRT? If low, that can be from elevated prolactin and that can be tested and if elevated, a MRI is used to see if a pituitary adinoma is large and threatening the optic nerves.

You were advised to lower your T dose last June. You were also asked to provide more info. You should not create new threads like this that loose the context of info in your prior thread.

Are we wasting our time working with you?

I appreciate your input! And will take your advice. This trt journey has been 99.9% positive and has improved my life in almost every way. I’m just trying to dial it in with the help of the expertise on this board.