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Bloodwork After 1.5yrs on Low Dose Androgel

I just got back some bloodwork back and wanted a little bit of feedback.

My dose of androgel is very low, about 13g of 1% gel per week, applying 1-2 compressions per day, but this has seemed to give me normal levels. I have a prototypical case of primary hypogonadism as I began TRT with small nuts, low T (275 ng/dl), and LH through the roof.

Here are my recent results after 1.5 years on the same dose.


WBC ~ 4.8 x10E3/uL Range 4 - 10.5 (a little low?)
RBC ~ 4.92 x10E6/uL Range 4.1-5.6 (OK, I think?)
Hegaglobin ~ 15.5 g/dL Range 12.5 - 17 (OK)
Hematocrit ~ 46.3% Range 36-50 (a little high?)
Platelets ~ 199 x10E3/uL Range 140-415 (a little low?)

Test, Serum 550 ng/dl Range 348-1197 (lower than optimal, but OK)
LH ~ 23.3 mIU/mL Range 1.7-8.6 (High, especially while on TRT, yes?)
FSH ~ 56.7 mIU/mL Range 1.5-12.4 (High)
Estradiol ~ 10.0 pg/mL Range 7.6 - 46.2 (Low end).

I also did Thyroid tests, everything was in range, so did not want to post (yet).

My thoughts/concerns:

CBC looked OK, but I just wanted to confirm. WBC/platelets a little low??

Testosterone reading is a little baffling because it was as high as 946 ng/dl with the same dose last I checked. It seems like my readings should not vary that much, but I realize there are several variables. I plan to retest, and I don’t mind doing this monthly if need be.

LH seems quite high for an individual on TRT. This makes me question the degree to which I’m taking in the T from Androgel. I don’t take anything that boosts LH. Once concern raised on another post is that I could have pituitary issues leading to high LH, i.e. adenoma, which I have yet to rule out.

Estradiol is OK as far as I know. Maybe a little low?

The next tests I plan to get are IFG-1, T (again), free T, and cortisol. I’m doing this all for my own curiosity, as I’m not really symptomatic of any major issues. I might do a pituitary MRI, but I probably need to have a doc order that and go through insurance. I’m mainly trying to figure out why LH is so high.

CBC stuff looks fine…I don’t know enough about it to say wha tis optimal or not, but anything within range is probably ok.

Estradiol is slightly on low side from what is routinely considered optimal, but not much you can do about that.

LH and FSH are very high for an individual on TRT. Definitely should have a pituitary MRI done. If its clean, up your dose of androgel as this is your body telling you it needs more T!

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