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Bloodwork Advice?


Ok cool, appreciate the advise. Maybe better to start on 40mg x2/week, I read that sub q injections are 20% more effective. Then do bloods after week 6, which I can tag you in if you don’t mind.

And if I don’t do trt, I’ll pretty much have these symptoms for life ?


Thanks for the info man, if you were in my shoes, what would you do at this point ?

Start with blood tests, FSH, LH and prolactin. Add IGF-1 if possible. May not even be an issue, but then you’ll know that much.

This is true, but in my case it was more effective at increasing my estrogen and lowering my testosterone.


Hey there, I managed to go to a TRT clinic and asked him about his protocol if I had to do trt and it was really bad man.

100mg once a week for first two weeks then one 100mg injection every 6 weeks. 0.25mg Arimidex 3x a week if needed, itchy puffy nips etc. Blood work done every 3 months.

So my question to you is , can I follow my own protocol which I mentioned to you in previous message. Is it advisable to do trt on my own ?

Should HCG be added into the protocol if so how much ? (250iu 2x a week?)

How much Arimidex do I need and for a how long if I display symptoms ? (.25mg 2x week?)

And if my PSA Is good do I still need to go get a digital rectal examination?

Thanks again man.

Your doctor is an idiot, 100mg every 6 weeks is worse than once monthly. You’re better off cutting the umbilical cord and going it alone. You need to put your foot down, if this doctor can’t offer a reasonable protocol of at least one 100-150mg injection per week, then it’s time to say goodbye to this doctor.

You’re going to make this entire process long and grueling if you are going with TRT, HCG and anastrozole. You couldn’t pick a worse protocol, you need to start TRT isolation and dial-in altering the dosage or injection frequency to control estrogen.

That is possibly the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. And that’s saying something with the way docs prescribe T these days.

Find a new doc. Please.


Yeah I figured, but that’s what I’m dealing with over here and it’s extremely expensive.

So will go on my own with previous protocol I suggested in which you agreed.

100mg test depot - 50mg Monday 50mg Thursday
Sub Q injection
Re-test levels after 3 months
Maintain Hemocrit levels by donating blood

Thanks for your help man, appreciate it.


Yeah I agree that’s why I first had a consultation to hear what his plan is. Retarded.

Have to go it on my own. Thanks man.

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