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Bloodwork Advice? Feeling Low T Symptoms, Dr Says I'm In Range

OK thanks for this, how can I increase nitric oxide to make sure I have enough? As I want to take Cialis but now i’m worried now it will cause more issues than good? What is the no of where the test levels are too low and the symptoms or signs of Nitric oxide being too low? I’m hoping to increase the test by doing training etc, something I haven’t done in years… hopefully it will increase gradually! If not I’m going to need TRT! Should this show an increase quick or would it take a while and then check again?

How can I even see what my Nitric oxide levels are? Would this be shown on my bloods as I have them?

not aware of a blood test for it. we me I wouldn’t worry about the number and just start taking some NO producing products (I like Ghost PUMP) and see if it gets better.

Nice one mate ill look into Ghost Pump is the red and black tub?, Ive got some NAC and a great brand of it so hopefully that will increase nitric oxide too?

If take NAC or supplement like ghost pump will that help with nitric oxide so taking Cialis should be fine? I know test is the answer but while I’m waiting for that, if can’t increase it myself etc

Citrulline is the best supplement that I know of, but eating the watermelon rind is the best natural source, if you can stomach it. Essentially try to have a good diet. Dont drink too much. All of these things affect Sleep and that affects T production. T produces more Nitric Oxide, Cialis blocks pde5 and uses Nitric Oxide to relax the cardiovascular system. The thing that Ive noticed is that some guys will take ED meds and when it stops working they worry. The problem is Nitric Oxide production which in turn is boosted by Testosterone. So if you take daily Cialis, with low T, there’s a chance that it will stop working, and if you stop usage, then restart a month later, it will work again. If T levels are consistent and constant, then there tends to be fewer issues regarding sexual function. So eat your veggies, fruits, and preferred choice of proteins and fats in order to keep up T production. T is ultimately the crossroad section. Its truly an amazing building block. I would just eat and sleep right. You can pull through, and when you decide to revisit TRT, you should have a better understanding. In the mean time I wish you many hard ons. Keep on truckin…

Take 2.5mg of Cialis EOD, this should be fine and it wont be an overload on your system. I think you will be just fine. Cialis will help many aspects of your life and body. Nothing to be worried about. But you now know how it all works.

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Cheers mate, Yes I’ll try the watermelon and its rind, I’ve heard that’s good for blood flow anyway tbh. Yes I have fruit daily, usually two satsumas and an apple daily but gonna get a blender and use watermelon too!
Yes that might explain my low T as I’ve cut down smoking and drinking (used to smoke a lot and joints too) but my sleep, diet and training has gone completely to pot in last few years, will slowly get back on it though, I’ve started to sleep a little earlier but just wake up earlier then which is a bit of a nightmare! Just recently been doing some press ups, squats and walking up hills (which apparently raises test) but I’m aching today lol! Trying to up the proteins, trying to lower carbs as got a belly lol, what’s the best fats to have? When Cialis blocks pde5 what does this mean?
I’ll prob take NAC to help with nitric oxide and see how that goes, I’ll do Cialis 5mg but only every so often as don’t want to be taking something all the time, haha yes hopefully many hard ons to come mate!

I’m in the UK and asked the NHS about TRT, I’m a lot older than you (57) and they (rightly) said its the symptoms of getting older. I then started doing it self prescribed by buying online.
Its cheaper this way but the reason I do this rather than through a clinic is I want to experiment with dosage and other substances and so wouldn’t be following the good advice of the people I’m paying to give me it.

I get blood tests done through a company called Optimale who can’t legally give me protocol advice (not that I’d follow it…) but can give pointers towards possible issues.
When I decide I’ve had enough of pretending I’m a teenager I will straight away sign up to do it properly.
Whoever you go to will cost money but I reckon I spend more on chocolate and coffee than signing up will cost me.