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Bloodwork Advice? Feeling Low T Symptoms, Dr Says I'm In Range


Hi All, :wave:
Great to be here, I’m 41 used to train until had children and looking to get back into it after a years…

I feel as if I’ve got low test and have had some bloods done, is there anyone that can look at these who has experience in this area and maybe provide any advice at all please? Been a while since took a course but feel as if may have some issues?

I feel tired a lot of the time, not much strength anymore and just low mood/motivation, ED and low libido etc.

Any advice greatly appreciated, Dr won’t help further as says I’m in range but we all know what that means.

Link attached

280 test is in the hypogonadal range. You likely will benefit from trt

Thank you, my Dr keeps saying everything is in range, so can’t see him doing anything else? Where is the best place to go with this i

ssue at all? I’m based in the UK.

Is there any way I can help to increase this? Or I there anything I can do to help the issues I have?

This was done a month or two before the link I attached earlier, as you can see test was 9.6, and has increased a little to 10.8 but that’s still not great and just over 300? If that’s right?

I used to get hot sweats, I’ve had and do have anxiety, ED issues etc… low mood and everything else that comes with it…

So any help advice would be great :+1:t4:


Your doctor is an idiot, according to the guidelines in the US you qualify for TRT because you are <300. Even in the UK you qualify for TRT (<12 nmol/L), you just need a doctor that isn’t living under a rock.

Balance My Hormones is in Dorset, but you’ll be paying for treatment out of pocket.

The UK is one of the most difficult places to get TRT, ranks right there with Canada.

OK what can I do please?

Would this be why I’m getting joint pains, low mood, weak muscles/legs, ED low libido etc?

I have been advised to eat clean, sleep well and start training and see how it is in 3 months so going to start that after Xmas, but really feel as if low on energy too!

Would you recommend find out about trt now?

I’ve been prescribed Cialis- Tadafil, would this increase the test etc?

I know medichecks do a full bloodwork so was going to do that?

Balance my hormones, do they just check what’s bloods are and then prescribe trt?

I have private medical health, but like I said they require a referral from my Dr and its likely he won’t do that as its in the “normal range”?

Yes this is common in men with low-T. I had these symptoms at 397 ng/dL while on TRT, 6 weeks ago I got a dosage increase and symptoms subsided.

The cutoff point for low-T globally is set too low, some doctors know this and actually are starting to initiate treatment with levels above the cutoff points.


You must be your own advocate and keep pushing for treatment.

OK I’m just a little worried about being on trt though, is this something you need to keep taking all the time or?

What is the best thing to do now please? And am I best not waiting to see of I can increase this naturally (as my test levels increased from 9.6 to 10.8 in roughly 2 weeks with just some press ups daily, but then felt as if aches with body so stopped) or should I get help now?

Should you be unable to increase testosterone naturally, TRT is for life because the body can no longer produce enough testosterone on its own.

You should be concerned about the health risk associated with low-T, low-T is strongly liked to an increase in all cause mortality.

Your description of your symptoms makes it sounds like you’re in a diseased state and recovering may not be possible.

OK thank you, what is the best way to see if I can produce the test, Is this training/diet change/sleep etc… or if I contact balance my hormones and they will tell me exactly where I am and if I need trt?

Yes I’ve heard low t is linked to serious issues, so need to get this sorted ASAP…

What is the best way from here would you suggest?

For my age and somebody who has been out of training for years, should my test be much higher?

My sleep is out of whack and diet not great but I’m hoping to get this all sorted after the Xmas break.

How do I know if I can increase my test naturally and what would it need to be before worrying I can’t increase it naturally please?

Hi All, Please does anybody else have any advice also that may help?

I think you have a good case to give TRT a try. It doesn’t have to be for life and you can stop it and revert back to your previous state if you want to later on. You have kids already so fertility likely isn’t a concern for you. I only see advantages in your case of you trying something like a basic 120mg testosterone only with no HCG and take it from there.

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You should find a TRT clinic. I doubt you will get the help you need through the national health service and a general practitioner.

OK thank you very much. I have been advised just to get back in the gym first and see if I can increase it that way, if its possible I won’t need trt… it may be just that I haven’t been gym, had a decent diet or sleep is out of whack. A month or two of this and see if its increased? If not then go down the trt route?

I’ve already been given some Cialis so would that help increase it at all? Sorry if that’s just completely stupid statement!

So if I was to try trt, would it not be better and cheaper to get on a cycle as trt it rather expensive from what I hear… or is it better to let them do it, as its done professionally etc?

Yes I’d be worried about needing it for life, if I can just do one cycle and return then I’d be happy.

But does that mean, cycle on and then they advise pct and get off it? Or how does it work please?

Balance your hormones do a trt test I’ve been told so I’m going to look into them and see what the process is

Cheers mate, yes my Dr keeps saying it’s all In normal range but yes I can see from you guys are saying, the Dr’s aren’t top dog on these issues.

Yes I’m looking for a trt clinic if I can’t increase naturally, (what is the best way to know this is the case? Is it if test doesn’t rise after a month excercising/training gym?)

I’ve been recommended balance your hormones but they are quite far away should I need to visit etc.

Sorry I’ve posted above in response to this just didn’t know how quote lol :laughing:

Cialis has been shown to increase Total T levels by changing T:E2 ratios.

Give it a try if you like but your numbers are quite low. It’s not all about numbers though go with how you feel every bit as much.

You should be supervised by a doctor for sure.

Cycling is really for the pharma section. It’s not going to be great for you jumping on and off of exogenous testosterone. I’d say give yourself at least a year on TRT and then review if it’s worth it for you. Start with test only and get dialled in with that to give you a good reference point. You can add HCG later after a few months if you want to.

Yes you can get off testosterone quite easily should you wish. Don’t feel trapped.

What would be the best test, sust on cyp or something? 120mg test, do you mean injections yes? or mg as in tablet, as I’ve never heard of that?

How many 120 mg would you usually need e.g 1 injection a week or 2 x etc