Bloodwork Advice? 22 Yrs Old, Symptoms for Years

Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you do it and if you do it don’t start with 250mg or your sleep will be worse than it is now.

I noticed benefits in the first week when on daily or EOD protocols at less than 350 ng/dL continuing to improve thereafter. Those trying to rush the process along are more than likely doomed, if you go heavy on the dosage, when you are stable there will be a price to pay that would force you to reverse course forcing you to start the 4-6 period all over again leaving you hanging with an increase of symptoms.

The easy way is patience, the hard way is a lack of patience. Your levels may be stable at 6-8 weeks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you body will start using these new hormone levels right away.

It can take 6-12 months to see significant changes, those expecting immediate results may be disappointed.

But i never heard someone say: im on 400mg of test and i feel worse than before.
Most people say test is a good feeling steroid.

I got another bloodwork done and my Vitamin D is complete trash:
Normal: 20-70
Mine is at 4,6!
You think bringing back vitamin d levels to normal and supplementing zink alongside wozld make me feel better?
I read your post twice and though about it.
Mayve i should start slow and try this.
Anyone had good experience with high vitamin and zink for hormones,wellbeeing and sleep?

Be careful with zinc. Some folks have a bad time on it. Me included.

Quick update:

I´m on 500mg Test E right now. Pinned 250mg the first week and now 2x 500mg.
I have more Energy even without a good sleep, my libido is crazy (could do it 5x per day).
I gained 4kg of water weight, now i´m sitting at 99kg with high bodyfat but i look more pumped.
My social anxiety is still there but i dont get as anxious as before.
Overall i feel better.

Dude what are you doing?

Your T wasnt that low to begin with and now you are on a crazy dose of T enant.

I guess you are not under the supervision of a physician, right?

If you decide to go down the path of TRT at your age, take it slowly - meaning reduce your dose! -, do it under the supervision of a doc (check PSA, T, E2, HCT, liver enzymes regularly), and think about adding hCG to preserve fertility.