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Bloodwork 4 Weeks into Cutting/Recomp Cycle

So I am into week 5 of a cutting cycle injecting 240mg test enhantate per week split into 2 injections of 120mg wensday afternoon and Sunday morning also Taking 0.25 MG arimidex every 3 days. I currently weight 175lbs I started cutting 10 weeks ago and weight was 200lbs. Iam32 years old. I attach my blood work it’s in Italian but you can easily understand values. Balls are still hanging tough. The cycle is gonna last other 5 weeks then I’ll wait 3 weeks and do nolvadex for 4 weeks at 20/20/10/10. Give me your opinions. I also attached 2 pics one before start cutting and one last saturdayIMG_20190619_100825|375x500

Forgot to attach one page of the blood work