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Bloodwork 12 Weeks into TRT


I just received m 12 week labs. Ill post the initials along with the current with ranges. My protocol is below…

.32ml/200mL cyp 2x/week (wed/sat) 128mg total
1 click cream to scrotum 3x week (mon/wed/fri)
400iu HCG 3x week (sun/tues/thurs)

Blood work was done in the am on a Wednesday prior to cream/inj.

Total test: 647/963 (265-916)
Free test: 16.7/40.25 (5-21)
SHGB: 37.8/27.4 (16.5-55.9)
Prolactin: 17.8/26.2 (4-15.2)
Estradiol: 24.9/55.1 (8-35)
DHT: 51/102 (30-85)
LH: 6.9 (not seeing LH on second labs)
Hemoglobin: 15.5/15.7 (13-17.7)
Hematocrit: 45.9/46.4 (37.5-51)
PSA: 0.5/.8 (0-4)

What Ive experienced in the past 12 weeks…

put back on some weight (~12lbs)
More motivation in the gym
Less sleepy during the day

I seem to wake up at 2am and cant fall back asleep
Lately Ive been experienced sweaty armpits even though I am cold/not active

Other than that I havent noticed much else. I was expecting to feel much better but the fact a few of the values are way off I feel would most likely be the cause. I would be interested to hear what some of those with experience think. Weirdly enough I havent experienced the sides of high estrogen so Im scratching my head on this. Also I am working with a highly recognized online Doctor/facility.

Most do not experience side effects from higher estradiol.

It looks like you are getting a lot out of your testosterone, with free test being what it is.

LH is now zero and does not need to be tested while on TRT.

I would run down the elevated prolactin.

Why are you using hCG?

I got both of these sides on HCG. Had to cut it out, was burning through 2 shirts a day.

How does one typically lower their prolactin? I’m taking hcg because my wife and I want to have kids.

Oh wow I wouldn’t have thought hcg does that. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to drop it as we still want kids.

I think you need to find out why it is elevated. Have your thyroid checked. There are several options to lower it, based on why it is high. These range from medications to home remedies such as vitamin E, B6 and zinc.

HCG can cause some hyperactivity. For me its an itchy hotflash that can be very annoying or persistent erections while sleeping, which can also be very annoying. So maybe its the HCG causing the sweats or plain and simple. You have a good protocol that is burning fat while you sleep. The truth is at 12 weeks you’re still adjusting, and your hormones are still figuring out what theyre doing. Stick with the program, and work on figuring out Elevated Prolactin.

You started TRT with TT at 647? These clinics must be hard up for new patients.

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In my initial bloodwork my thyroid checked out great. In regards to my initial test levels, Ive consistently tested lower every time ive had labs done since 2012. Last time checked prior to this was low 400s but I was told since I had these labs done extremely early it reads higher. I actually put off the idea of TRT for the past 5 years until I just didnt want to deal with how I was feeling anymore despite all the lifestyle improvements I made.

Well your current lab work looks perfectly normal. Sleep issues can come and go and have a dozen different causes. I had them before trt, at one point over the last four years I had them again. Now I don’t. What’s changed? Nothing. Everything. Couldn’t identify one particular thing and point to it and say ‘that’s what needed fixing’. If you’re struggling to sleep get some magnesium glycinate (do not get any other variety unless you want your new career to be sitting on a toilet) and take 400mg before bed.