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BloodTest Results Aust


How you doing guys, I turned 20 this year and i was wondering about my Blood Test Results, Things i want to know is if i have low test or bad thyroid function etc..

Testosterone 7.4 nmol/L
SHBG 19 nmol/L (15-45)
Free Androgen Index 39
Free Tstosterone 173.0 nmol/L

Thyroid Function Tests
TSH 12.63* mU/L (0.40-4.00)
Free T4 11 nmol/L (9.0-19.0)

Coristol Random
Cortisol (Random) 710* nmol/L

Routine Chemisty
Glucose Random 4.0 nmol/L (3.5-5.4)

Do i have low test? thyroid problem? anything like that?

The reason i am asking is because i have been training for 4years with my partner using the same routines (He does what i do) and he has grown a phenomenal amount and i haven't.
Even with a better diet then him..

I used to be obese if that changes anything.
In my late (15-17) i went through a phase of smoking weed on daily basis for around 9months with my friends afterschool, after they left i would still smoke.. i got the point where i had no weed left so i started smoking leaf (weed leaf)


Well looking at your results you seem to have a few issues. Others will no doubt also add some comments. I have also been diagnosed with a Hypothyroid condition.

My TSH was at 8.33 and yours is at 12.63!! Definitely need to get this looked into further. What did the doctor say about the results?

Testosterone is definitely low and considering you are 20 your value is pretty bad.

Normal ranges in Australia for Testosterone is : 8.3 - 30.2
Free Testosterone should be 225-725 so you are way below that also.
You being at 7.4 is bad and will definitely be effecting your gains.
Are you feeling tired, weak all the time like you are out of energy?
You need to have that looked into!

Cortisol you will want to have tested at 8am to have an accurate idea how your cortisol is.

You will need to follow up with some more blood work. Ask to have

Free T3

These to rule out autoimmune disease.

Anti Thyroid Peroxidase

T4 is on the low end of the scale so I assume GP will prescribe you with T4 medication. However there is probably a better option out there but I am having a hard time getting my hands on it. Something like Armour or in Australia it is called Thyroid Extract. That contains T3+T4+T1+T2 If you are lucky you might get a good doctor. Go check out stopthethyroidmadness.com Heaps of good information there.

Get your cholesterol checked out as that will also be high I assume as your thyroid condition will be effecting it.

I would also recommend getting these tests:
E2 (estrogen) maybe you have high estrogen causing your lower test values.
Full blood counts

You need to look into this and get more tests done. Definitely from the information you have supplied you have some issues with your Thyroid and Testosterone levels.


Are you using non-iodized salt?

Need time of day for the lab work [cortisol].

Edit your opening post and add more lab ranges if you can. Also add cholesterol numbers and other details.

Do not start TRT until you have LH, FSH; you can't get the numbers after starting TRT.

Check waking body temps and a few times during the day, record and report after a few days.

Read the advice for new guys sticky!


@Irocinoz are you from Australia?
You named it, i feel screwed all the time, even with 11+ hours of sleep i still feel asif i only had around 5.. I have good days and bad days..
It affected me in school mainly
I use Iodized salt. (but hardly ever)

Haemogolobin 154 g/L (125-170)
Red Cell Count 5.1 x10^12/L (
Haematocrit 0.46 (0.37-0.49)
MCV 90 fL (78-94)
MCH 31 pg (25-35)
MCHC 338 g/L (310-370)
RDW 13.2 (10-15)
Platelets 221 x10^9/L (150-400)
ESR 1 mm/h (1-15)
White cell Count 8.0 x10^9/L
Neutrophils 4.3 x10^9/L (1.8-8.0)
Lymphocytes 3.1 x10^9/L (1.5-5.0)
Monocytes 0.5 x10^9/L (0.2-1.0)
Eosinophils 0.1 x10^9/L (0.0-0.6)
Basophils <0.1 x10^9/L (0.0-0.1)

Red Cell Folate 863 ug/L (267-1023)

Iron Studies
Iron 35* umol/L (5-30)
Transferrin 40 umol/L 25-44)
Saturation 44* % (5-40)
Ferritin 113 ug/L (20-170)

Thats all i got


Yeah I am for Australia :slight_smile:

Looking at your other results one thing that sticks out is your Iron Saturation at 44% that is right on the border of Iron Overload. The main symptoms of this is fatigue, which it sounds like you have. This fatigue could be associated with your TSH also.

But your IRON Stores are definitely up there and you will most likely need to treat this to prevent damage to your organs if untreated and high levels remain. Iron overload cannot be controlled by altering your diet, if you have genetic haemochromatosis.

Unfortunately you have some issues that you really need to take control of and look into.
Low Testosterone
High TSH
High IRON levels


My doctor said to me your test levels are "through the roof"...
The Reason my Levels were up at the time was because i was hitting 2Leteres of Full-cream milk a day and having subway everyday.. (back to skim now and healthy diet now).

Does anyone know of a good doctor who is willing to give me some TRT therapy in Western Australia?


Hmm strange that you have Total Testosterone in nmol/L and Free Testosterone also in nmol/L

Are you sure that the Free Testosterone is not pmol/L?


Im not 100% sure.. but on the sheet it says nmol/L


Maybe someone can correct me but I find it strange that Total Testosterone is 7.4 nmol and Free Testosterone is 173 nmol/L.

I would have thought that free testosterone always has to be less than total testosterone otherwise it does not make sense to me.

To me it looks like a lab error (typed incorrect units) and the free testosterone should have been in pmol/L.

Maybe someone else can chime in.


After double checking,
It does say pmol/L on Free Testosterone.
I apologize for the mistake.


Doctor should have said "your test levels are in the pits" instead of his "through the roof remark" Not sure what he meant by that if to say they are shocking.

Anyway definitely very low. My levels are on the low end and I have double the free test and double the total testosterone of what you have.

What about LH and FSH values?


What age is my testosterone?
Like, is that the age of a 10y/o Testosterone etc..

I don't have "LH" or "FSH" Values at all

What should i say to my doctor next time i see him?
I gotta make up some excuses to get tests done.

he will ask me how i know all this information

I don't want to find a new doctor because hes a Really nice guy, he doesn't even charge me half the time.


You are paying (sometimes) for a service - just like at a store. Except, in this case, it is your health. You don't have to make up any excuses to ask to have tests done. You simply tell him that you started doing some research about YOUR health/well-being. All you are doing is asking for some tests to be done - doesn't cost your doc anything. Most docs are clueless in this area - even endos/uros. You may end up educating him on the subject.

My doc actually thanked me a while back, that was nice.


As mentioned you need no excuses to get more tests done. The evidence in your results should be enough to warrant more tests and they are indeed needed. Don't feel bad going into the doctors and stating exactly what you want and why. If you don't and don't push for it most likely you will be blown off. You will also most likely been blown off a little either way but just push for it. After all this is your health and you should strive to get the best done for yourself.

Your only chance at treatment is if you become your own doctor and do your research and then go in with some arsenal to back it up. That way the doctor will know you are not some push over and demand something be done. Don't put your well being into someone Else's hand because frankly they don't really give a $hit. They see you walk in and that is enough for them to send you back out on your feet.

Anyway I'd ask for the following:

Some are retests just to make sure.

Testosterone ( your value is like a 90 year old)
Free Testosterone
E2 ( estradiol to make sure you do not have excess Estrogen. Doctor will no doubt frown upon this but if you can make him do it for you that would be best. Having more E2 can lower testosterone so good to rule it out. Push for this one!!!)

Cortisol (very important that it is taken at 8am)

Free T3
Free T4
rT3 (to make sure not high)
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase (to rule out hashimoto's or graves disease)
Anti-thyroglobulin (to rule out hashimoto's or graves disease)

Vitamin B12
Seum Folate

Glucose levels


Alright sweet. I will write all this down and present it to him.
Will book my appointment for what ever day is available at 8am.


So i just had my tests come back, The doctor asked me if i was shooting up..
The only thing i have done since my last test was EQ,Winny,Primobolan
I am currently in my last 3weeks of EQ and Im worried that once i come off PCT my test will go back down to 177

Anything below bad?

Testosterone 22.1 nmol/L
SHBG 11 nmol/L
Calculated Free Testosterone 644 pmol/L
FAI 200.9

Vitamin B12 and Folate
Vitamin B12 1816 pg/mL
Red Cell Folate 443 ng/mL

Coritsol (AM) 09:45 425 nmol/L

Glucose 4.0 nmol/L

Cumulative Iron Studies
Iron 26 umol/L
Transferrin 39 umol/L
TFN Satn 33%
Ferritin 48 ug/L

Cumulative Thyroid Function Test
TSH 13.60 mU/L
FT4 15 pmol/L


You might have to post up the reference ranges into your post so we have a better idea.

TSH looks bad though.



I defently have Hypothyroisim.
I'm currently on 50mcg for the last 6months and its at 13.60
Should i bump it upto 100mcg?

I am worried my gains will suffer, i find it hard to gain anything.. I dont know if its my thyroid or not.. but i train hard (60sec between sets) and eat very clean
Doctors do not understand how important muscle gain is to us, and i asked him if i become catabolic.. he asked what catabolic is.. and i said the breakdown of muscle tissue and hes said "god no"

I also gain fat very easy aswell, i cannot drink full-cream milk or sugar, i seem to gain heaps of weight quickly... I stay away from anything with sugar as i am very sensitive to sugar.., no lollies,icecream,yogurt etc.. and my creatines i have to use anything that hasn't got sugar in it.. i tried SizeOn.. but i think im better off with Intravol (hardly no sugar)

I even limited myself to less skim milk, 250ml glass contains 8-15grams of sugar by memory.


I have alot of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism

-Impaired memory
-Hair loss
-Increased need for sleep
-mood instability
-Poor muscle tone (muscle hypotonia)
-Rapid thoughts
-Depression (on and off)
-Weight gain and water retention
-Shortness of breath with a shallow and slow respiratory pattern
-Gynecomastia (from being overweight)

I have been on 50mcg Thyroxine for 6months, but my thyroid is still 13+
Should i bump it upto 100mcg??
Will it affect my gains? Would it help me produce more gains?

Cons out-weight the pro?