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Bloodtest Results 6 Months Post-HPTA Restart Attempt


Ok so 6 months ago I did a HPTA restart with Scallys power pct protocol , with 20 000 iu HCG, 2 weeks of exemestane and loads of Nolvadex and clomid after a 1.5 year long selfadministration period with TRT dose of 250mg weekly.

I eat loads of good fats, take cold showers each morning, try to have alpha thinking and such but to no avail, especially the last 2 months I feel like a fat woman…I´m gaining weight at an alarming rate and I don´t even eat alot…I feel tired entire days no matter how much sleep I get and I have zero motivation. So I suspected it might either be low testosterone or low thyroid…here´s the results from the lab please tell me if you spot any abnormalities.

LH: 3.18 mIU/ml (N. M:0,8- 9,1 F: Folicullar 1,6-10.1
** Luteal 0,7-23,1**
** Midluteal 13.2-82.7**

FSH: 1.42 mIU/ml (N. M:1,6- 11F Folicullar 3.3-11.3
** Luteal 1,8- 16**
** Midluteal 5.2-20,4**

SHBG: 30,9 nmol/L (N. M: 14,5- 48,5

Testosterone: 2,38 ng/ml (N. M: 2,6- 10,1 F: 0,22-0,8

Free testosterone: 45,7 pg/ml (N. M: 50- 300 F: 1.5- 6,5

TSH: 1,22 uIU/ml (N. : 0,27-4,2

FT3 : 2,79 pg/ml (N : 1,68- 3,54

FT4 : 1,28 ng/dl (N: 0,9- 1,9

I’m 27 years old, 1,87m tall which I believe is 6.2ft in US measures

and 115kg again 230lbs US measures


wow No replies…I thought atleast somone would be happy to do the job of reading labs instead of interpreting symptoms


Don’t be a jerk, 2 hours isn’t that long to wait.

If you have labs from before your TRT run, post them.

More isn’t always better with clomid and nolvadex. Assuming your PCT / restart wasn’t total shit (it may have been) your restart has clearly failed. LH and FSH are low indicating secondary hypogonadism. Sounds like you have some choices at least. You can start yourself on SERMs for life (clomid 12.5-25mg/day or nolva) or you can skip that and go back to injecting. If fertility matters to you, treating with clomid / nolva would be preferred.


No I followed the Scally protocol from A to Z with extreme precision…so It can´t have been that…When it comes to going on a serm for life I´m just worried which kind of impact that might have on the liver considering the liver toxicity and me still being only 27…

But then again beats castrating myself with Testo…hmmm

But to make sure it doesn´t look good watching the labs? …

and does my thyroid look ok?


The general consensus around these parts is that that’s waaay too much SERM. I’m also unconvinced of the merits of taking HCG while taking a SERM. I’m pretty convinced your restart is shit and could have done more damage to your HPTA, which is why I inquired about bloodwork from before your restart.

Kind of funny that you are worried about liver toxicity on 12.5-25mg clomid and you were banging down 100mg clomid + 20mg nolva. Those are large doses. I take 25mg clomid ED and it’s probably too much. 12.5mg isn’t an unreasonable dose, and some get by on less.

The think you have to realize with these systems is that if you push it too far in one direction, the system adapts. If your pituitary sees zero e2 now, it may expect levels that low in the future, when you go off. The goal is to slowly restart, then taper slowly, read ksman’s post on restarts in the sticky thread.

Thyroid looks better than most. I wouldn’t be worried about that one, the secondary hypogonadism is clear.

BTW, do you have prolactin and e2 labs? Those can also interfere with T production.


Did you see this in your prior thread? Prostate Enlargement?

Your prostate is probably affected by elevated E2.

Read the stickies I suggested. There is also an HPTA restart sticky. Scally’s protocol probably wrong.

You can check overall thyroid function by checking oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky. This can be more useful than lab results.

fasting glucose
fasting cholesterol - can be too low
AM cortisol - at 8AM please

Yes, you are secondary. The suggested set of labs may provide answers.

Read the stickies and you may find some answers that way too.

Low T and low thyroid function can reduce energy and promote weight gain. Both have largely the same symptoms.

Need more info as suggested in the advice for new guys sticky.

Where are you located?

Explain how stress and hype are part of your life and past major stress events.


My bloodtest was done 7:30am

I have played around with steroids in the past, even being arrogant and self administring TRT on a dose of 250mg for a year and a half…obviously something had to give and I guess I raped my HPTA for good…I don’t know if the fault is in Scullys protocol as the few guys that managed to go off TRT and have a sucessful HPTA-restart did so with his protocol.

I tried pharma grade HCG from italy and pharma grade Nolvadex and clomid in horseloads…I don’t think any other protocol will work either.

I’m also cash strapped at the moment as I’m studying for a B.A in economy and can’t afford popping chemicals like fruity loops anymore.

I was simply curious to see if I’d had any recovery after six months…I did not…time to move on I guess…

will Maybe have to go Clomid monotherapy with an 8th of arimidex a week for the remainder of my life…considering I’m just 27 I’m worried that stuff will eat trough the liver like corrosion after 4-5 years …

What did I get myself into…

Maybe I will try a year on clomid…get rid off the belly and love handles and then drop the clomid and that oughta double my levels…healthy and clean living and perhaps I might reach high 800 natural levels …also I think I read HPTA might take up to a year to recover fully…in my case its only been six months


I got a suggestion on another forum to go TRT 200mg subQ with 1/4 arimidex per week, clomid has unknown repurcussions long term.

I also know Im about 40 lbs overweight…but I have hard time imagining losing that weight could somehow significantly raise my natural testosterone considering im in the low 200ng/dl …even a houndred percent increase to 400 would be to low for a 27 year old like me I imagine.
And besides the weight gain might be from low T in the first place right?

please I wish someone can give me some more input…I really don’t have too much daily life stress or anything like that…I just feel fatigued and have zero motivation and brainfog


That proves nothing as some guys are robust enough to survive shit like that.

E2 management is mission critical for fat patterns, fat loss, libido, energy and mood.

See the stickies and note recommendations and logic in the HPTA restart sticky, bro-science has failed, consider something else.

Check your oral body temperatures. Thyroid function has a very strong influence on energy, mood and fat gain/loss. The labs that you did are not the complete picture.