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Bloodtest Results 4 Weeks on TRT

Hi all,

Been on 4 weeks now, feeling good. Wake up a lot easier in the mornings, more frequent morning wood and general feeling of well being.
Previous levels saw my total test at 10, now sitting at 24.
Wondered if everything was looking ok as well as feeling ok.



Looks good depending upon what day you test. It’d be great to average those numbers.

What is your TRT protocol?

Also your levels will be a little higher in 2 more weeks, but makes little sense to do labs before 6 weeks has elapsed and may be an indication your doctor doesn’t yet know how to play this TRT game.

Docs one of the best in the country with trt. 0.2 eod test cyp sub q and hcg 0.2 eod sub q. Blood tests 4 week after start to pre empt any problems

Testosterone and estrogen will be fluctuating wildly for the first 6 weeks so problems are expected do to the hormonal fluctuations and mostly resolve after 6 weeks at which time you draw labs because this is when levels become stabilized.

I always feel unwell before the 6 week mark and after 6 weeks these fluctuations calm down and I start feeling better and can then judge my protocol.