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Bloodshot Eyes

I tried to search for any information related to bloodshot eyes and couldn’t find anything that pertained to what i was curious about.

My question is lately my intensity level in the gym is causing my eyes to get really bloodshot for a few hours. I just wanted to make sure that this is not due to some nutrient deficientcy, and to see if this is “normal”?

Thanks in advance and I just want to say how much i love this website.

My eyes tend to get bloodshot, on days I go heavier.I once asked my doc if there was any negative effect, he said not really; or well none he can think of.

It’s normal when you’re generating a lot of tension and getting under heavy iron. Don’t sweat it.

Unless you squat 1000 lb or so. Then I’ve heard of some guys busting blood vessels in their eyes from the crazy pressure build up. But since only .0000001% of the population does that, I wouldn’t worry.