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Bloodshot Eyes After Workout


3 or 4 times i've worked out especially hard, and all those times my eyes get bloodshot,and it last for around 5 hours.i mean they look as red as tomatoes. what causes that?


Probably because of the pressure because you are holding your breath?


Happens all the time when you stain very hard those lil vessels in your eyes are very easily burst



not a desirable outcome from training! Not sure if it is doing lasting damage but you should double check with a doctor to make sure your eyes are ok and check general blood pressure too, and maybe the way you are breathing (or not breathing) is part of it.


thanks guys,appreciate the response. i've checked pressure,it runs 140/80.but i just happen to have dr. appt monday,i'll mention it to him.


I know I'm slacking if I have done 2-3 working sets on a compound movement and my eyes aren't bloodshot.


Dont chase it or seek it but yes it happens if you work Damn hard



i know i'm not breathing properly if my eyes are bloodshot and i'm very dizzy after (or just that poorly conditioned)


I read an article a long time ago about this (can't remember where). Apparently certain lifts greatly increase blood pressure in the eyes and can cause damage over time. If I recall correctly it was specifically relevant to the bench press. I have this problem myself sometimes.

I think it can be partly alleviated by regulated breathing. But if it was something to really worry about there would be a lot of blind, or partially sighted weight lifters out there.


I know Im not breathing right when my eyes arent blood shotr and I dont hit a new PR aided by the abdominal pressure on the core and accompanied BP spike