Bloods Show Low T During Blast

I am on TRT (175mg Sustanon/weekly) and decided to run my first blast for 12 weeks on top of that. I am taking 750mg Sustanon in total and 0.5mg of Anastrozole EOD. I am on week 5 and my levels are:

After 11 hours of injection:
Testosterone: 52 nmol/L
SHBG: 19 nmol/L
Albumin: 45 g/L
Prolactin: 387 uIU/ml
Oestradiol: 246 pmol/L

While on TRT dose my levels after 12 hours of injection were:
Testosterone: 43.9 nmol/L
SHBG: 24 nmol/L
Albumin: 48 g/L
Prolactin: 312 uIU/ml
Oestradiol: 125 pmol/L

Before TRT, my T levels were at 7.8 nmol/L. My question is that, there does not seem to be a significant difference between TRT dose levels and Blast levels except estrogen and prolactin which has significantly increased.

I am targeting 100nmol/L however I am already taking a high dose of 750mg so I am not sure what else can I do here? Shall I increase it to 1g? That seems quite high IMO. Shall I control estrogen? Estrogen has not affected me in any way. I feel fine. Will lowering estrogen improve T levels? If yes, then how much approximately?

My gains have been minimal but has seen a significant improvement in strength. Sustanon is pharma grade. Any suggestions, please?

That is no right for that much Sustanon. You say that it’s pharma grade, but where did you get it? How are you taking it? One injection a week? 250 3x/week? You should easily be over 70 nmol/L at that dose.

Underdosed if it’s your only t source right now.