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Bloods Seem Normal, Low Libido

Someone help me out here
Everything seems normal but my libido is still freaking low
What could be causing it

Also any way to get my test to 600,s??

I have been dealing with this for a while
Test was at 380 last time I had it done about a month ago. I think it was due to overtraining and low fat diet

This board is called T Replacement. Are you even on TRT?
If so I’d ask what is your protocol and how long have you stuck with it?

Sorry not on test replacement. I did go to a clinic and talked about it trying to figure out low libido issues
I’m 29 not really looking to inject twice a week for the rest of my life

TRT probably would help, but you have descent FT and you didn’t mention any other symptoms so not sure it’d be worth it for you.

I would isolate a few things like your training, diet, and sleep to see what the problem may be. Your doc may also advise something like Cialis (never tried, can’t say) to help.

If nothing else works and you’re not willing to inject… well, hope you’re ok having low libido rest of your life. It just depends on what matters most to you.

This wouldn’t be the first time a guy complained of low libido do to improper diet and overtraining. I see cases like these all the time on there TRT boards.

I think it’s safe to assume you don’t do well on low fat diets.

I will try adjusting my diet even more.
My sleep has been jacked because I started working midnights, I knew it would play a role in it but not this big
Do any test boosters work???
I have tribulus at home but havent been really taking it

With the levels that I have right now, insurance would not cover it and I dont think any doctors would put me on it.
It would have to be self administered

Supplement at your own risk, some of these test boosters are laced with anabolic steroids and/or other ingredients which may cause other health problems. What you need is to improve your diet (more fats) and not overtrain, keep it simple.

I have been trying to eat more steak and bacon and healthy fats
Last year my diet was pretty much chicken and rice.

Lot of clinics and docs would consult with you and likely would get you on TRT if you’ll pay out of pocket for it. The only thing is whether it would benefit you more than libido. It can be a very strenuous process so I wouldn’t jump on it unless it solves more than one symptom.

Like @systemlord and I have suggested, just try isolating diet, your workouts and any supplements you may currently be taking. Do one thing for a month straight and reassess. Then, consult with a doc about exploring medications like TRT.

Honestly sounds like you’re just trying to find a shortcut. If you’re not willing to do what we mentioned naturally, good chance you’ll be perpetually fucked when going on TRT.

I will exhaust every option there is before I jump on the trt wagon. That is the last thing.
Seems that a diet higher in fat is helping

Last time when I checked I was at 380
The time before that 240 ( blood was taken in the pm that day so cant really go by that)

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What about the labwork you showed? It’s literally dated 3/19/2020. That’s what I was going off. If you scored below 400 twice I would get on TRT, but that labwork you showed in the images were descent, especially the FT.

I did test only blood work at 3 pm and was at like 240
Waited a week and went to a trt clinic. Did a 10.30 test and was at 380
Last test which i posted in this thread is most recent.
Blood drawn last Thursday at 7.30am
I did change my diet since the 380 test (about 3 weeks ago) and I did not lift weights for about 2 weeks.

I will continue doing what I’m doing and retest In about 2 months

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Anybody else wanna chime in.?

I think that is reasonable. If no change, I think trying testosterone for 8-10 is reasonable as well.

Yes but test will shut me down I dont want to go that route.

I have been feeling even worse this week. It freaking sucks
Brain fog like a mother

It comes back. Just talking about a couple month trial, then you’ll have an answer. But, you don’t have to do that.

TRT has tremendously helped my libido. As in I don’t think my libido could possibly be higher than it currently is. My pre-TRT testosterone level was 575. I didn’t get on because of libido. I really didn’t realize how bad it was until it got better. TRT is absolutely amazing in many ways but if you feel great currently you may want to hold off.

The thing is I dont, I have brain fog, I get up I feel fine, couple hours later I feel like total dog shit

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Then get on TRT and start living your best life. The only regret (besides selling the most ballin-ass Jeep Rubicon you’ve ever seen to move to NYC) is that I didn’t find out about TRT earlier (got on at around 33).