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Bloods- One Month Apart. High E Low T

Hi all
35, 177cm 16% bf. Reasonable muscle mass.

Took two tests a month apart. First test estrogen very high T lowish.

Second E coming down but T now very low.

Only difference between two stopped creatine, and OTC test booster. Easting slightly less protein and better hydrated.

Results below. Any advice? Thinking of doing 75mg proviron for 4 weeks and retest.


Whats the rationale behind this?

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Proviron is an Ai and should help boost free testerone…thats my thinking at least

Proviron is an anabolic steroid medication, on its own is considered to be a weak steroid. Proviron is not an AI, I figure anyone willing to take it would at least be informed as to what they are putting in their body.

You will not find any members here on Proviron, this should tell you something, that you are headed down the wrong road.

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He got the Proviron idea from a thread in Pharma. It was not being advocated as an AI, so I think that he misunderstood what they were saying. Creatine Kinase is a useless lab if you have been taking Creatine as a supplement.It will absolutely read high for a while. What is the Test Booster that you were taking? You need some E2 control and probably TRT. If you are thinking Proviron because it is non-aromatizing, I can’t say that it’s a bad choice to experiment.

Proviron will decrease your SHBG and increase free test. But its suppressive of your natural production.

Unfortunately it looks like TRT may be in the cards for you. One thing to remember is that lab ranges are subjective, and we have found that the relationship between TT and E2 are far more important. What I mean by this is one man can have decent T levels, and another can have high total t levels. If the man with decent TT levels has a proper T to E relationship, he will still feel good. The man with high TT levels may have a poor T to E ratio and he has symptoms. So my point is, even though your TT is not super low, the relationship between T and E is not good so this is why you are experiencing symptoms. Hope this helps.

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