Bloods Off Cycle

Can anyone tell me if my estrogen is a bit high and what I should do? I’m completely off any gear.

Estradiol 140 pmol/L (<161)
Testosterone 22.5 nmol/L (8.8-27.9)
SHBG 32.8 (16.2 - 68.5)
FSH 4.6iu/L (1.0 - 12.0)
LH 9.5 iu/L (0.6-12.1)
Prolactin 120 Miu/L (73-407)

Issue being I’m sure I’ve got progressing gyno

Are you experiencing any high E sides?

Yeah bit of gyno

Everything looks ok in my opinion unless you have really low body fat (body fat causes higher e2)

I think get your gyno checked by medical doctor

It could be physiological

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Wow, i’m an idiot - you said that in your first post.

Yeah, your e2 is high if you’re experiencing gyno. A lot of people like running Nolvadex 40/40/20/20/10/10 for six weeks. I’d get bloodwork a month after your PCT is ended and see if your e2 levels have recovered to a better state.

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Did the gyno start when your e2/PRL were maybe a lot higher? Now you’re labs look normal but the gyno has already started


Yes I think it’s this. I’m prepared to get surgery if it won’t grow back with these levels.

I’d take Tamoxifen at 20 mg/d. If it just started, it should completely revert in a few weeks.


Thanks. Is it true that tamoxifen can increase your circulating estradiol? Whilst at the same time blocking the estrogen receptors at the breast area?

My gyno is mostly axillary by the way. The front is ok. But it’s getting heavy and uncomfortable.

Yes it does that. It also increases testosterone (if you are off cycle).

Hmm. I’ve noticed breast tissue growing in the axillary area and I’m sure it continued to grow when I was taking tamoxifen. I wonder why.

Hey man, are you off the HCG too? How is your libido now?

Hey yes I am. My libido is the best it’s been since I ever messed with gear. I’d say it took two years to recover. Not sure I’m there yet because I find a get a surge then it disappears, but I’m getting morning wood so that’s a good sign