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Bloods In Range but Low Libido?

I had recently gotten bloodwork 3 weeks after my cycle, since my libido took a big hit towards the end of it.

There was still test leaving my system but everything else was roughly normal.

My libido problem is interesting though. I can get hard, just not easily or through anything other than touching my dick. Mentally I do not want to have sex, I feel no drive. My penis also lacks the pleasure/sensitivity it normally had with normal libido.

I had ran NPP, but I’ve ran NPP in the past and ended up just fine. I’m hoping once my HPTA kicks back on through PCT I can gain my libido back.

The near 0 libido or ability to function properly is making me depressed, especially hearing guys have it for months and months. I want to be able to function and since I can’t my life has been pretty blank.

I’ve read a lot on the DHN problem with nandrolone and other things, but i’m not 100% sure it could have been the NPP, since I was also running test at 750mg with no AI, although my recent bloodwork showed my estrogen within normal range. Prolactin was only a couple points higher than the reference range.

Am I screwed? Is there anything I can do other than wait it out? It’s been nearly 5 weeks since my last pin, and i’m starting my PCT now roughly, Balls are still pretty weak looking, penis is kind of shriveled, limited bloodflow.

I saw a guy say HCG fixed this problem, obviously I shouldn’t take it when trying to recover, but is that a sign that the natural HPTA working again could possibly be the best thing to wait on for this libido to come back?

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