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Bloods Came Back - Can Anyone Help?

Alright guys been on trt for around 7 months now. Had my protocol changed around 6 weeks ago. Currently on 125mg sustanon every 7 days, anastrazole 0.5mg every 5 days, and a small dose 25mcg Levothyroxin to see if it will bring my tsh down. What do you’s think of my latest bloods. I am not suffering from any low estrogen sides although it is showing as low. See if my prolactin is raised above the range could this give me problems with a lack of enjoyment from sex, i know very high can cause problems with refractory period and too me I feel this is an issue with me aswell. The thyroid side is confusing me aswell as I am symptomatic of hypo but if my FT3 is normal, would that not suggest that shouldn’t be a problem, unless can TSH being high can that cause issues?. Looking to get an appointment with the doctor soon. Any help is apprwciatwd as it helps understand my problems. Not taking any other medications, had to start anastrazole as my e2 reading was crazy high last month.



Looking at your Free T levels had you not mentioned you were on TRT, I would have recommended TRT. Your Free T needs to be high normal or higher.

What you need to do is increase injection frequencies, infrequent large injections only cause estrogen sides in some men. I would split up your shots twice weekly or EOD and stop the AI and see how it goes. You can alway reintroduce it and micro dose it if estrogen sides are experienced.

You need rT3 tested and can explain elevated TSH, T4 only treatment doesn’t work for those with conversion issues that see it convert over to rT3, which blocks fT3 at the receptors therefore TSH increases.

You will likely need a combination of T3+T4 or T3 only treatment, something that is lost on UK doctors as of late.

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I’m doing a private treatment so it is something I’m sure the doctor would be willing to try with me. He is supposed to be highly regarded in the thyroid side of things over here. RT3 is hard to get tested here, I will suggest if I can start a small dose t3 to see if that helps

Sadly you can’t optimize thyroid without testing rT3.

I’m sure medichecks do a test for it. Balancemyhormones use another lab which doesn’t offer it at present. May do the test off my own back and could even advise the doctor if there is any problems showing

I have replied here as I don’t know how to tag anyone. Thanks for your help, did you notice if prolactin would be a problem? I suffer from lack of sexual desire, wish I could try something like wellbutrin to see if it helps lower prolactin and raise dopamine

Do not take the low E2 reading as something to just ignore or misjudge. It has HUGE implications if you leave it low.


Yeah your E2 is crashed. Increased risk of coronary issues, osteopenia (bone wasting), fat gain, depression, joint and tendon issues, etc.

9.53 pg/ML

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