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Bloods After 1 Month

I was silly not to get anything checked other than the Test panel before starting TRT. But better late than never I suppose. My total T was 377 before starting TRT @150mg. Here are my current bloods. How do they look? Seems OK to me. To be honest I could live with higher T levels but for now I will maintain for another few months and recheck. Any educated opinions out there?

I’m curious when your labs were taken. Was it injection day prior to injecting? Also, are you doing once per week injections, EOD, every day or what?

My 8 week labs on 100mg/week EOD injections were similar to yours. I talked my dr into bumping up to 120mg/week. He probably won’t go over that though. It’s hard to walk away from the 7$/month I pay for that vs a men’s health trt clinic. Anyway, I’d like to know more about your protocol.

I do 75mg every 3.5 days. It was not injection day. Was about 24hrs after an injection.

To be fair, I live in Thailand where Test E is over the counter and $30 for 2,500mg. So I don’t have any experience in a clinic.

Well your levels peak within about 48 hours so then these might not even be peak levels which creates more questions as to what your levels would like if drawing labs at the proper time which would be right before your next injection.

You can’t really judge this protocol very well. You can play the numbers game believing you’ll feel better with higher numbers or you could go based off how you feel. If I increase my dosage and start feeling better, I don’t care about the numbers and may not even care to run them.