Blood works

As I posted earlier, I?m heading for my first cycle and tested my serum concentrations for LH, FSH, Progesteron, Estradiol and Test last week. My results all came out in the middle-range, except for LH that was in the lower end of normal range (3,3 with ref.range from 2-10).
My question is now if anyone can help me interpret the results and the effect they have on my training. How can the low LH be explained? Should I take extra actions to raise it, prior to starting my first cycle?

Thankful for any replies

what were your total and free test levels? as long as your T levels are fine,lower end of range LH levels are meaningless. that simply means it does’nt take a large amount of LH to stimulate your testes. if your T levels are low,my guess is that you are’nt fully recoevered from your last cycle. how were your FSH levels? when and what was your last cycle;also what is your age and were you taking any anti e’s at the time of the blood work?

Mxim: My s-testo levels (=free?) were 16 nmol/l (ref.range 10-30). S-FSH levels were 42 units/l (ref.range <10). Just for info my s-estradiol levels were 87 pmol/l, and progesteron were 1,6 nmol/l.

I?ve never juiced before, but I?m planning my first cycle to begin in a few months. Haven?t used prohormones either, nor ancilaries. Would you say that my low LH levels aint that much of a concern, as my t-levels are ok? Or would I be better of with more LH?