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Blood Work


Where do you guys get your blood test done? I have health insurance, and that get me one test per year, at the time of my physical exam. Is there something you can say to your doctor to monthly exams instead? Or are you guys going to clinics to get your blood work done? Thanks.


Tell your doctor you are taking some OTC bodybuilding supplements of whatever and that you want to make sure they aren't unhealthy for you as you've heard some can be toxic. He should get the tests done.

There are some decent labs where you can get private blood work done. This avoids insurance issues and medical documentation of the tests. There are some online companies that do similar stuff. I'm sure someone here can list the one I'm talking about. I think it's San Francisco or Bay Area something or another, but I could be way off.


You can pay on your own with LEG.org, good male panel package, and E2 tests also. On sale April and May, you can purchase ahead of time then use up to 6 months later or have them renew the order.


Hey Ks -

I think that link won't work... I just tried it, and it's a generic "up for grabs" website.


Thanks Schwarz...I'll do that. I should at least be able to get a couple of extra blood tests that way.

Yeah, leg.org doesn't work. Is there a typo?