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Blood Work

I got my blood work results back today.

6 tests were out of range.

Lymphocytes 3.2 giga/L range 1.0 to 3.0
ALT 72U/L range 20 to 55
HDL Chol. .42mmol/L range less than.9
Estradiol 1023pmol/L range less than220

The other two were just ratios
Chol:HDL and HDL:LDL

All other values were in range
ie. Hematology, Glucose Fasting, and the other trigylcerides.

I did not get my Testoserone checked because the doc thought it was uncessary considering I am on a cycle. I agree with that, since I dont have to pay for the tests anyhow. The second doc I saw would have added it to the list, but I want to keep a positive relationship with atleast one doctor at school.

Looking over my results.

Enzyme levels are high possbily due to the 17 alpha alkylation of the winstrol and dianabol.

HDL is low probably due to winstrols adverse effects on lipid levels. It was a surpirse to see my LDL was still in normal range. I eat very healthy and take in a good amout of ‘healthy’ fats through food and wild fish oils, so I feel as though my diet is not the cause of the low HDL.

Estradiol was also out of range. I decreased my letro use, assuming that estrogen levels were in range. I had no sign of any gynocomastia so I believed that it was all good.

To correct these problems I plan to run higher levels of letrozole throughout the remainder of my cycle.

I will also choose to avoid winstrol during my next cycles, as well as all other 17 alpha alkylated orals and get blood work done then.

I have not done much research on lymphocytes, but understand their major functions. I do not really understand why this would be out of range. Any thoughts? Maybe this is the reason I have not caught a cold all semester, where I am usually prone to at least one during the first few months every semester.

Thanks guys! Off to work(at the gym).