Blood Work

How frequently must this be done? And what are the key elements one should look for in the results.


Getting a baseline before you ever cycle is important, as you will never have your ‘norms’ afterward to compare too, and therefore will be unable to determine what changes have taken place.

Best is to have bloodwork done while on cycle, then during the cycle, depending on how long your cycle is, you may want to be tested twice, and then again off cycle - usually 4 weeks after, then again another 8 weeks post cycle.

Things you want to have tested are:

LFT’s liver function, billirubin
Blood lipids
CBC complete blood count
Electrolyte balance
Kidney function: Creatinine, Bun,
urine - look for protein urea and hematuria- a sign of kidney damage
Testosterone levels before and post cycle
thyriod function if you used T3
Blood pressure

Perfect, excatly what I needed P22, I am perparing for my first, upcoming cycle this summer, hopefully the doc won’t get too suspicious.