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23 Years Old, 5’6 136 lbs, 2 years into the gym natty. Tested my testosterone 16 weeks ago and it came out to be at 350. Obviously these are at normal ranges but kinda bothered me so I was thinking on doing my first test cycle at 300 ml Test E for 20 weeks (currently at 13) Gotmy bloodwork done after 3 days of blood injection but are these levels not too high for just for a 300 ml cycle or is this normal. Or am I a “Hyper Responder” thing here. Also is estrogen too high? 0.25 every 3 days atm (armidix)

Blood work done after 3 days of 12th injection

Those normal ranges have nothing to do with quality of life, obviously quality of life will be better when at high normal versus low normal for most men as anabolic effects become more noticable the higher the level.

Our testosterone and fertility is being artificially reduced for decades by an unknown cause, therefore the normal ranges are skewed. What’s normal and what’s healthy aren’t the same.

Testosterone labs should be drawn before 10 am, because testosterone declines throughout the day and is highest in the early morning hours. If your sleep is poor, working late into the night, testosterone will drop.

I’m going to assume based on your height and weight that you’re an ectomorph, known as a hardgainer, lean skinny arms and legs with little muscle. Your metabolism is very fast, you need higher calorie intake than the average guy and short high intensity workouts focusing on individual muscle groups.

If you didn’t have any symptoms of low-T, and are just looking for more gains, I would stop TRT and get a personal trainer and focus on nutrition.

Your estrogen is low in relation to your testosterone.

Hey. The obvious question is - why do you take T? Getting on T for a while, and before you know it, you’ll be forced to be on for life. And that’s not a small thing. Sure, lots of people have been on TRT for decades, but it’s not something to be taken lightly. “It kinda bothered me” doesn’t seem like a well enough thought through decision. Just be careful. It’s the rest of your life you’re dealing with here.

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Yeah man Ive been struggling to get passed 130 for the past 1.5 years. Yes exactly that very lean and cant gain much. 136 was impossible for me 12 weeks ago its so weird to look at these numbers. Here is the physique before taking. (still the same atm slightly


You need to focus on your legs more. I see too many guys in the gym with skinny legs and built upper body. When you have the complete package, you’ll look bigger.

If you want to gain muscle, you got to eat a lot! I’m on the carnivore diet, eat until I’m full, lots of calories and no carbs.

Your limitations are either nutrition, training and or genetics.

I think what you need to focus on here is FOOD. Before we start using the term “HARDGAINER”.
SO…first off tell me about all the different diets you’ve tried in the past using total calories and macro split.
What’s the goal here? To add muscle mass?
Let’s say that you gain a few pounds of muscle during this cycle. What happens when you PCT? What’s your PCT plan?
You will likely lose what you’ve gained while on cycle when you return to your normal (LOW) test levels.

For 300mL no it sucks. But you’re not taking 300mL, you’re taking 300mg, and this looks just about right for that.

Gonna guess that’s cos you’re not eating enough

Well, still wondering why exactly you are deciding to go on Testosterone for potentially the rest of your life. Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Especially since it seems you haven’t even tried to eat a lot. As in really a lot. Of you’re eating 3000 kcal/day today, do 4000. If that doesn’t change things, do 5000. If you can’t eat that much, just buy a good old gainer and drink the calories. Or just drink full milk and add lots of olive oil. It’s not that difficult to get calories up. Plus, you actually look great on the first pic in you post. I’d say better than in the second one, if regular people are the judges. If you are going to enter a physique competition, then the second pic is better. But are you?

Just saying, you are young, and getting on T forever is huge undertaking. Ever want to be a father? Think twice. Don’t want small peanut sized testicles eventually? Think twice. Sure, you can do HCG to partly mitigate that risk, and so on, but before you know it, you are a walking pharmacy and that sucks.

I’ve been there, not doing cycles, but I am speaking of experience of TRT in the grey zone area of Testosterone levels which are borderline too high to be called replacement. I needed Arimidex, I needed HcG, I (thought I) needed DHEA and pregnenolone, and all of a sudden you can’t even leave the house for a weekend without bringing a frigging pharmacy. That can be done, but you should have a damn good reason to take that decision at that age.

Just saying. If your T levels are low, and you have the typical low T symptoms of poor sexual performance, low energy, depressions, obesity, etc - then for sure, the pros are going to outweigh the cons. But with your starting levels of Testosterone, you surely won’t have Testosterone deficiency issues. So skip the Testosterone till decades later when you really might need it. For now, just eat like a horse and lift heavy weights. You are young for f sake.

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